Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $50

As your holiday shopping may be winding up or winding down—depending on whether you are an early shopper or procrastinator—it is never too late to find another perfect gift to stuff in your loved one’s stocking. And to make sure you don’t ring up another hefty bill on top of what you have already spent to elicit holiday cheer, all of these gadgets will cost you less than $50.

Hand Warmer: Rechargeable and Modular

Winter is coming, and if you know someone who gets chilly at just the mention of that, then perhaps this is the gift for them. Ocoopa’s Union 5s ($39.99) is a modular, rechargeable hand warmer, which means you can replace either the heating case or the battery with a backup and not have to worry about losing your handy source of warmth. The 360° heating surface warms up in three seconds and has four different levels of heat you can choose from. Plus, the battery can also serve as a charger for your other devices.

Phone Grip: Emergency Power

PopSockets are known for being cute and convenient grips for your phone, but one of its latest additions, the PopGrip JumpStart ($35), doubles as a power bank. It can only charge your phone up to approximately 50% power if it is fully dead, so it is not the biggest battery, but can serve its purpose in emergencies or when traveling. The device is available for both Apple and Android phones.

Bike Bell: Or Is It?

Yes, the AirBell ($18.99) is a bicycle bell, but its real function is to hide an Apple AirTag, which you have to purchase separately for $29.99 (so the total cost is still under $50). But the hope is that if your bike happens to be stolen, the robber won’t ditch the inconspicuous bell and you will be able to track it down. If you don’t know someone who rides a bike, the AirTag on its own could be a great gift for anyone who tends to lose or misplace their keys, bag, or other items.

Phone Mount: An Easy Webcam Upgrade

With the release iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple expanded its Continuity Camera feature to allow iPhones to be used as a webcam for your Mac laptop or computer. The iPhone’s superior camera offers improved performance over what you would get from the Mac’s built-in webcam. But to use it for this function, you would need a way to easily mount your iPhone to your Mac, which is exactly what the aptly named Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Notebooks ($29.95) allows you to do.

Security: Just Hit the Button

While home security systems have been Arlo’s bread and butter, Arlo Safe is a new personal safety app that offers 24/7 Emergency Response, family safety, automatic crash detection, and more wherever you go. The app is free for minimum features that can be expanded with monthly subscription plans starting at $4.99 for individuals or $9.99 for families. You can also add the Arlo Safe Button ($29.99), which with a simple press will send emergency responders to the user’s location. Giving someone a button that reminds them the world is dangerous may not sound like the best gift, but knowing your loved one is safe gives you the gift of peace of mind.


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