Spring for Some Home Improvements

Yes, spring cleaning season has arrived—that annual time of year when everyone is giving you tips on how to wash away the dust and grime of winter to spruce up your house. But we are not here to provide cleaning tips. Instead we suggest springing for this new tech that is sure to make your home a littler cooler.

Bed: Forget About Cold Feet

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed (expected later this year) does all it can to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. It senses your movements, as well as your partner’s, and adjusts accordingly throughout the night to keep you comfortable. It pre-warms each side of the bed to gently warm your feet, which helps you fall asleep faster. And it raises your partner’s side of the bed if they start snoring to prevent the noise from waking you. If that isn’t enough, it also tracks your biometrics to sense what you need for a better sleep.

Refrigerator: Stay Cool with a Knock

LG is making knocking cool again. Its line of InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators ($4,000 to $8,500) feature a tinted glass panel that lets you see what’s inside without even opening the door. Simply knock twice to illuminate the contents inside—you can see right through the glass and browse for what you want without losing any cold air. Not only is the view cool, but it keeps food fresher longer.

Remote: Control Everything

It might be just a slight exaggeration to say that Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote ($299) can control everything in your home. The Smart Remote works with more than 25,000 devices and instantly adapts to work with that device simply by pointing at it. It can control most things that are connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Infrared, including TVs and speakers as well as “smart” devices such as lights, thermostats, blinds, sockets, fans, and more. It can even order you an Uber driver if you point it at the door or tell you the weather by pointing it a window.

Home Assistant: An Echo Alternative

The Lenovo Smart Assistant ($130 in May) is very similar to the Amazon Echo—and even features Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service—but offers a few tweaks. Lenovo’s model comes in three colors (Light Gray, Green, and Orange) and has eight microphones—rather than Echo’s seven—that promise to hear your voice from over 16 feet away. Additionally, Lenovo will also offer a special edition, starting in June for $180, featuring speakers from audio leader, Harman Kardon, for all of the audiophiles out there.

Laundry: Quadruple the Load

Samsung’s FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system can each handle two loads of laundry at the same time. The FlexWash system has both a front-loader to handle normal or bulky loads as well as a top-loader equipped to handle smaller loads. Meanwhile, the FlexDy has a main dryer component in addition to a Delicate Rack zone at the top designed to gently dry delicates. Not only can you do more laundry at the same time—you can also wash items faster. The FlexWash’s SuperSpeed setting shortens wash cycle to as little as 30 minutes. With all these new techs you may need to find a way to stay organized in your garage. One way is to find the best overhead garage storage.


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