Spring Beyond Simple Photos

Spring is finally here (hopefully), and what better way to celebrate then to capture every second of it—the blooming flowers, trips to the ballpark, and the start of vacation season. To help you perfectly capture the moment, consider these camera and camera accessories that can do more than just take simple pictures.

Smart Camera: AI-Enabled People Detection

Google Clips ($249) is a new kind of camera that uses Google’s people-detection algorithms and artificial intelligence to recognize familiar faces (and pets, too) and learns to capture clips of them. Rather than using it like a standard point-and-shoot—though you can if you want—you can clip (hence the name) or stand it up and the camera will automatically decide when to take motion pictures and which ones to keep. The camera is also able to recognize great expressions, lighting, and framing—and learns over time in order to continuously take better images.

360° Camera: Video Chat in Every Angle

The Insta360 Nano S ($239) connects to your iPhone to upgrade your ability to communicate in 360°. Users can make a 360° video call to anyone as recipients will be able to use swipe gestures to explore the world around the caller. The camera also offers MultiView, which can show three simultaneous angles at once—perfect for displaying the scenery around the caller in addition to their reaction. And with FreeCapture, users can reframe their favorite moments of a 360° video into a standard rectangular frame.

Flash: More Intelligent Lighting

For those who aren’t exactly lighting experts, the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI ($399) does the work for you. It is the world’s first flash with an AI Bounce function to detect the distance to your subject as well as the ceiling and then calculates the ideal angle for the flash. The flash head will then automatically swivel in multiple directions to provide the ideal lighting conditions. The flash system is compatible with Canon EOS digital cameras.

DSLM: Low Light, No Problem

Designed for professional filmmakers, the Panasonic LUMIX GH5S ($2,499) offers features to satisfy the most demanding photographers and videographers. For example, this hybrid Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera has a newly developed 10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor that provides better image quality in low light. And this is the first digital mirrorless camera capable of 4K 60p video recording in Cinema 4K. Additionally, with the True “Multi-Aspect Ratio” Function, you can more easily swap between difference aspect ratios to get the accuracy you want.

VR Camera: Homemade Virtual Reality

As VR devices rise, it is only fair that anyone is able to capture their own immersive videos. The YI Horizon VR180 Camera leverages Google’s new VR180 format so it can seamlessly integrate with YouTube and Google Photos in order for viewers to activate a VR experience when viewed with devices such as Google Cardboard, Daydream, and PSVR. In addition to taking 3D video in 5.7K resolution, content can also be viewed in 2D. Additionally, the 2.2-inch touchscreen has a flip design, which makes it easier to take selfies as well as live stream content.


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