Special Recognition—Well Deserved

Creative. Inspirational. Even awesome. That’s what we at PM360 think of this year’s Pharma Choice Award Winners—the winners you, our readers, choose to represent the very best healthcare campaigns of 2013. With more than 5,000 votes cast to choose 30 winners in 10 categories out of 200 plus entries, the industry spoke out loud, clear and with excitement—and we are thrilled to bring you the results. Can’t wait to look? Then click here, and get ready to laugh, cry, be amazed, impressed and yes, even entertained by what your colleagues and competitors have created.

In the name of reaching out to healthcare consumers, HCPs and other stakeholders, these campaigns provide positive experiences, information, education and better outcomes for patients and all involved in the healthcare industry. And you, the very people who dedicate your lives to producing highly creative healthcare campaigns, marked these winners as deserving of special recognition. It’s something the winners can take well-deserved pride in—and we take pride in bringing them to you, on 21 gorgeous pages.

Special recognition also belongs to others in the pharma and healthcare industries. With only one woman currently appointed as CEO in the mega Fortune 1000 companies, some might think of these industries as still living in the dark ages when it comes to recognizing women as leaders. But some companies have leapt headfirst into the 21st century and not only recognize the women leaders among them, but have appointed them to the C-Suite: CEOs, CFOs, CCOs and so on.

It takes hard work, dedication, a willingness to break barriers—and guts—to make this climb. In this issue, seven women talk about barriers to success, give a heads-up on what women will need to know, and advice on reaching the C-Suite, as they have. Check out our article: Breaking Barriers to Success: Lessons from the Top Women in Pharma and Healthcare. And again, we’re sure you’ll agree: These women, too, are creative, inspirational and just plain awesome.


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