An elevated body mass index appears to be a risk factor for progression of smoldering multiple myeloma, according to Wilson I. Gonsalves, MD, and his colleagues at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

The findings, based on median follow up data of 106 months from 306 patients diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma from 2000-2010 at the Mayo Clinic, need to be confirmed in larger studies. Nevertheless, the results imply that patient weight is a potentially modifiable risk factor for progression from smoldering disease to multiple myeloma, Dr. Gonsalves and his colleagues wrote.

The median BMI of the group was 27.5 kg/m2 (range, 17.2-56.4), and 75% had an elevated BMI, which was defined as a BMI of 25 or more. The median time to progression from smoldering multiple myeloma to multiple myeloma was 64 months in patients with a normal BMI and 36 months in patients with an elevated BMI (P = .0006). The 2-year rate of progression from smoldering disease to symptomatic multiple myeloma was 16% in patients with a normal BMI and 42% in patients with an elevated BMI (P less than .0001).

At initial evaluation, 28% of patients had myeloma defining events, such as a serum free light chain ratio greater than 100 or over 60% clonal bone marrow plasma cells. Myeloma defining events were present in 17% of patients with normal BMIs and 33% of patients with elevated BMIs, a statistically significant difference (P = .011).

When the analysis was limited to the 187 patients without myeloma-defining events at initial evaluation, the 2-year rate of progression to symptomatic multiple myeloma was 15% in those with a normal BMI and 33% in those with an elevated BMI (P = .013).

In a multivariable model, only elevated BMI (P = .004) and increasing clonal bone marrow plasma cells (P = .001) were statistically significant in predicting 2-year progression to multiple myeloma.

At last follow-up, 66% of patients had progressed to symptomatic multiple myeloma.

Dr. Gonsalves had no relationships to disclose.

The impact of body mass index on the risk of early progression of smoldering multiple myeloma to symptomatic myeloma. 2017 ASCO annual meeting. Abstract No: 8032 .

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