Skip the Spa and Pamper Yourself at Home!

Summer days have drifted away, and in an effort to make the most out of a season that is entirely too short, folks tend to overindulge on the sun, sand, cocktails, and really, just about everything.

All that fun in the sun does take a toll on your skin, however. So after packing away the white pants and flip flops, you may be tempted to skip off to a spa for a little pampering and rejuvenation—but you can spare that expense, because here’s the good news:

You can revitalize summer skin right now, at home, with simple, inexpensive items you probably have in your cupboard already.

The skin care treatments presented here are not only really easy to make, but they are also perfect for both women and men.

Lemon Rosemary Body Scrub

Exfoliation is a reconditioning trick that is not just limited to the face. A good sugar or salt scrub works wonders for the skin by sloughing off any excess skin cells that cause the skin to look dull and flaky. This salt scrub not only leaves your skin silky—it also invigorates the senses.

The Recipe: Gather one cup of kosher salt, half a cup of grapeseed oil, the zest of one lemon and two teaspoons of fresh rosemary. Use a clean, glass jar with an air-tight lid and add the salt, lemon zest and rosemary. Then cover with the grapeseed oil and mix. In the shower, gently apply the scrub to the body using a circular motion. Thoroughly rinse your skin and pat dry—and follow up with your favorite lotion.

Honey-Aloe Face Mask

This is a great at-home mask that will hydrate, moisturize and tighten your pores. Not to mention, it smells fantastic, too.

The Recipe: One tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of honey. In a small bowl, combine the aloe vera gel and honey. Apply a thin layer of the mask after you’ve cleansed your face and neck, until the mask feels tight—about 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse and pat the skin dry. Follow up with moisturizer.

Baking Soda Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the best skin care treatments to recondition summer skin. It removes the uppermost layers of dead skin cells, and promotes healthy cell turnover.

The Recipe: Blend two tablespoons baking soda with one teaspoon of water. Using your fingertips, gently massage the paste on the face and neck, in a small, circular motions. The process should take five to eight minutes. Once finished, thoroughly rinse your skin, and pat it dry. Skin may appear pink, but this is normal. Be sure to follow up your treatment with a natural toner (witch hazel) and your favorite moisturizer.

Note: In order to avoid over exfoliation, microdermabrasion and scrubs should not be used more than three times per week.





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