I’ve always been proud of our readers’ creativity, and we’ve built PM360 to tap that resource: we are by our readers and for our readers. The first journals (dating back to the Transactions of the Royal Society in the 17th Century) were founded as the high-tech social networks of the time. They extended live meetings—which were exciting, but confined to a single place at a single time—to cross oceans and endure over centuries.

PM360 continues to emphasize and extend reader participation. We’re expanding our connection tools, online and in print—offering readers myriad ways to participate, extend their horizons, and show what they can do.

For example, PM360’s June issue will showcase The Greatest Creators of 2011- 2012. Creative teams will send us their stand-out ads and killer campaigns— pieces that move way outside the clichéd box to solve a difficult problem, create high impact, and make it look easy.

We’re adding something new this year: “The Greatest Creators” cover will feature original artwork from one of our readers. (Last year’s cover was by Chinese artist, and vanishing man, Liu Bolin, so the 2012 cover artist will be playing in the big leagues.)

Here’s the challenge: Send us a picture of your own outstanding original artwork—painting, sculpture, photography, or media we’ve never even heard of—and the June supplement cover with the headline “2012 The Greatest Creators” could be yours. (Please send the image to editorial @pm360onliine.com by April 30, with “Greatest Creators Cover” in the subject line.)

And speaking of reader contributions and reader images, the voting for 2011’s best Photo Finish image is complete. The popular favorite (in a very strong field) was “Times Square Hustle,” last March’s Photo Finish by Mario Nacinovich, Jr.

There are other ways to shine, too. The Trailblazer Awards nominations are open—see the outsert announcement in this issue, or click on www.pm360trailblazerawards.com, and nominate a stellar brand champion, an MVP marketer, a dynamite ad, a treasured mentor, or an industry icon (for the new Lifetime Achievement Award).

Clearly, opportunity is knocking. It’s time to show off.


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