Sedor Pharmaceuticals Files NDA for CE-Fosphenytoin for Status Epilepticus

Potential significant advance in treatment of life threatening condition

PAOLI, Pa., May 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sedor Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Sedor) announced that it has filed with the US FDA an NDA for the approval of Sedor’s lead program, IM/IV Captisol-Enabled™ (CE) Fosphenytoin for the treatment of patients that are at risk for status epilepticus seizures or to prevent/control status epilepticus seizures that occur during or following neurosurgery or neurologic trauma.

Status epilepticus are single epileptic seizures lasting more than five minutes or two or more seizures within a five-minute period.  Importantly, status epilepticus seizures can create irreversible neurologic damage or death if not treated in a short time window, estimated by the Neurocritical Care Society Guidelines as treatment and cessation of seizure within 60 minutes of onset, if not sooner. Cerebyx (fosphenytoin) is currently indicated in these conditions but requires refrigerated storage in the pharmacy, raising the risk of delaying treatment. CE-Fosphenytoin does not require refrigeration and if approved holds potential for onsite storage and rapid dispensing in emergency rooms, intensive care units, first responder vehicles, and serial seizures in long-term care facilities.

Barry Frankel, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Sedor, commented, “We are delighted to report the achievement of this major milestone.  It is clear from both US and EU guidelines that time to treat and cessation of a status epilepticus seizure is critical to avoiding irreversible morbidity and associated hospital costs, and mortality. CE-Fosphenytoin, if approved by the FDA, will offer health care providers the only room temperature readily available fosphenytoin and, as such, an important alternative when treating this critical condition.”

CE-Fosphenytoin is available for licensing in North America, Europe, and other territories except for the Peoples Republic of China, where it has already been successfully licensed. Sedor is also in the process of seeking additional financing for pipeline development.

About Sedor Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Sedor Pharmaceuticals, LLC identifies and acquires acute care hospital pharmaceutical assets and applies its team’s deep development, operational, manufacturing and commercialization expertise to create global clinical  and economic value. The company is led by John Sedor as Chairman and an experienced team of pharmaceutical professionals with a proven track record building pharmaceutical companies and shareholder value. The company’s lead program, CE-Fosphenytoin, has been filed with the FDA for the treatment of status epilepticus offering, if approved, the potential to shorten the seizure and improve outcomes. The company’s second program, CE-Meloxicam, is preparing for Phase I development for the treatment of acute post-surgical pain and, if approved, offers the potential to replace or delay the use of IM/IV opioids. Both products were licensed from Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

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