School Specialty and Mobilize Rescue Systems Collaborate to Improve Student Safety through The 21st Century Safe School Initiative

Partnership to empower teachers, students and staff with vital tools for responding to medical emergencies and saving lives

GREENVILLE, Wis. and ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — School Specialty, Inc. (OTCQB:SCOO) and Mobilize Rescue Systems announced today a partnership to place life-saving medical knowledge and supplies into the hands of teachers, students and staff, as part of School Specialty’s 21st Century Safe School initiative. School Specialty, home of the 21st Century Safe School™ and leading provider of innovative solutions that support integrated learning environments for improved student social, emotional, mental and physical well-being, and Mobilize Rescue Systems, with its ground-breaking emergency-response solutions, are excited to support safer and more secure classrooms by better preparing schools nationwide should unthinkable medical emergencies occur.

“While there are many ideas and theories on how to improve school safety, it is imperative that schools focus on evidence-based practices that have been proven to make them safe. The solutions from Mobilize Rescue are one of those best practices,” said Michael A. Yorio, national school security expert and President of SSI Guardian, the safety and security arm of School Specialty. “When we talk about school shootings, prevention and preparation are of hyper importance. We are thrilled to expand our emergency care solutions with Mobilize Rescue Systems.”

Schools are challenged to create and maintain learning environments that foster positive outcomes. Medical emergencies (whether severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, or other trauma) are among the challenges. School Specialty’s collaboration with Mobilize Rescue takes a comprehensive approach to institutional safety. Studies show the effectiveness of CPR/AED training decreases over time (92% of participants failed the hands-on skills exam one year after training) and having an app with a ‘just-in-time’ refresher course provides a valuable fail-safe for educators. Schools installing Mobilize Rescue’s bleeding control stations next to AEDs and making available the Mobilize Rescue app to students, faculty and even parents, ensure that every person has access to life-saving knowledge and capabilities. The American College of Surgeons estimates that 30,000 traumatic deaths could be prevented each year if medical care was provided by someone at the scene.  

“Training enough staff and faculty members to save lives is one of the biggest obstacles that schools face in preparing for medical emergencies,” said Guy Gioeli, Director of Training and Education at Mobilize Rescue Systems. “Our Public Access Rescue Station with App eliminates that obstacle by providing a simple, effective means of putting life-saving knowledge into the hands of willing bystanders.”

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The 21st Century Safe Classroom solution set from SSI Guardian provides schools with simple, affordable, easy-to-use tools to help ensure the safety of students and teachers in the event of an active shooter or other critical emergency. The classroom package offers pre-emptive equipment such as the Quick Action Lockdown (QAL), lockdown device and lockdown shade to lock classroom doors and block windows, as well as responsive equipment such as Mobilize Rescue’s Compact kit with supplies to manage severe bleeding and airway emergencies, and the Mobilize Rescue App with ‘just-in-time’ training instructions to help laypersons provide quality care while help is on the way.

“School Specialty is honored to provide this award-winning resource which aligns with the 21st Century Safe School mission to support the physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being of all in the learning environment,” Mr. Yorio continued. “We look forward to growing our partnership with Mobilize Rescue in the years to come and keeping our future leaders safe.”

Visit for more information on the Stop the Bleed campaign launched by the White House and Department of Homeland Security, which aims to provide training for everyone in what to do in an emergency bleeding situation and to give the tools to save a life.

About Mobilize Rescue Systems
Founded in 2015, Mobilize Rescue Systems’ mission is to empower bystanders to save lives by equipping them with the resources necessary to respond to medical emergencies. Mobilize Rescue Systems’ team of medical professionals, military veterans, and software developers integrated modern medical supplies and an innovative app into a cohesive unit, the Mobilize Rescue System. This unique integration of knowledge and equipment provides an intuitive platform for untrained bystanders to assess and manage a variety of medical emergencies, such as severe bleeding, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest and more – while medical professionals are en route. The Mobilize Rescue System has been implemented by federal and law enforcement agencies, security and investigations agencies, K-12 schools and universities, public and private organizations, and has already been used to manage multiple medical emergencies across the country. For more information, email or visit

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