SCA and The Ideas Foundation win The Creative Floor Awards Talent & Diversity Fund

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards have awarded this year’s Talent & Diversity funds to two charities: School of Communication of Arts (SCA) 2.0 and The Ideas Foundation.

SCA 2.0 is a portfolio school, supported by over 100 of the top agencies, who donate money to fund scholarships, send staff along to mentor, or do both. The school helps to develop the next generation of copywriters, art directors, and creative technologists with 80% of students getting a job at a top 100 agency within six months of completing the course.

Marc Lewis, SCA 2.0’s Dean, with Shaheed Peera, Founder, The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards.

The Ideas Foundation’s aim is to identify and nurture creatively gifted young people who are not currently thriving within the academically focused education system and to give them give them the skills they need to gain employment in the creative industries.

Helen Poole, Creative Programme Manager of The Ideas Foundation with Shaheed Peera.

Both SCA 2.0 and The Ideas Foundation are also dedicated to improve diversity in the creative industries.

“A gigantic congratulations to SCA and The Ideas Foundation,” Shaheed Peera, Founder, The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards, said in a statement. “They are worthy winners and we are so honored to be supporting them build the next generation of superstars. We thank all the organizations who put forward their proposals and everyone who supports this very special award show.”

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards are the only health and wellness award show in the world to donate a percentage of profits towards a Talent & Diversity Fund. To date, the fund has raised over £100,000 and continues to help under-represented talent into communication agencies. Any charity or organization from across the world can apply for the fund. Winners of the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards from the previous year vote to determine where the fund goes.

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards are still accepting submissions for this year’s award show. The second deadline is March 25 and the final deadline for all entries is April 15. To learn more, visit:


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