RowdMap, Inc. Delivers Health Plan Alliance Risk-Readiness(R) Market and Provider Benchmarks at Spring Leadership and Board of Directors Meeting

DALLAS, Texas, April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Marshall Votta, Advisory Board Member at RowdMap, Inc., will be delivering a benchmark analysis of Health Plan Alliance (HPA) members and their readiness to succeed in pay for value programs and risk arrangements at the HPA Spring Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday April 13th at the Ft. Worth Hilton in Ft. Worth, TX:

The Health Plan Alliance brings together health plans with similar values to deliver exceptional service, drive transformational care and champion health and well being. Health Plan Alliance members span the country and are leaders in ten of the top twenty US markets. RowdMap, Inc. is a proud partner of HPA and dedicated to serving HPA members.

The Rowdmap, Inc. / HPA benchmark analysis focuses on low-value care, or care that costs more and has higher risks than alternatives with identical outcomes. Low-value care accounts for thirty cents of every dollar spent in healthcare and drove billing in Fee for Service medical economic models. New value based care programs and risk arrangements succeed by identifying, quantifying and reducing low-value care. RowdMap, Inc. analyzed the markets of HPA members including their financial characteristics, population behaviors, current and potential members, and low-value vs. high-value care of providers. RowdMap, Inc. also profiled providers in major HPA markets and the specific drivers of their Risk-Readiness® including procedures, prescriptions, repeat visits, and referrals.

The analysis reveals that HPA members occupy markets with wide variation in their population's behaviors and the relative over and under supply of care. Moreover, HPA members also find themselves in geographies with notable variation in practice patterns. In virtually every major HPA market there are notable primary care providers and specialists practicing unwarranted or unexplained variation.

"We are proud to partner with HPA to help them do their members a marked service by laying out a clear path to success in new payment models and making this information available to them. Whereas plans and providers could previously stay safe with utilization review and traditional unit cost analysis, in the new world of risk, knowing and managing towards high-value care determines success," said Marshall Votta, Advisory Board Member at RowdMap, Inc.

About RowdMap, Inc.:

An Ernst and Young EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® winner, RowdMap's Risk-Readiness® benchmarks help health plans, physician groups, and hospital systems identify, quantify, and reduce no-value care that physicians deliver--a central tenet of successful pay-for-value programs.

Through practice pattern and referral analysis, RowdMap's benchmarks identify the health care entities that manage unwarranted and unexpected variation in care. This variation leads to more than $850 billion in no-value care annually. Payers and physicians use RowdMap's physician and population health benchmarks to create strategies that put these highest performing physicians at the center of networks and then design products, organize clinical programs, and coordinate sales and marketing around them. RowdMap's platform comes preloaded with benchmarks for every physician, hospital, and zip code in the United States--no IT integration required. RowdMap's Risk-Readiness® Platform works across all market segments and has significantly larger returns than traditional medical economics approaches.

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