Quick Reorganizing Hacks for Your Home

Spring cleaning season is still upon us, but for many people, tidying up isn’t as easy as it sounds. Cleaning your home is difficult—with clutter building up in small spaces. Take the frustration out of cleaning by spending some time to reorganize your space. Having an organized living and work area is proven to promote calmness and always helps take the stress out of every day to-dos. Here are a few reorganization hacks to get your home in shape quickly and cheaply.

1. Pot and pan lids are hard to store and always seem to get in the way. You can find your matching lid more easily by installing a small towel rack on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. Rest the lids inside the rack for easy access and viewing. It’ll be simple to pick out the right lid the next time you’re busy cooking.

2. Everyone has a bag full of empty plastic bags in their home. It’s great to reuse plastic bags rather than let them sit in a landfill, but they are hard to keep neat and contained. When you’ve finished a container of Lysol or other cleaning wipes, it becomes the perfect storage spot. Just roll up the empty plastic bags around your hand and stick them in the cylindrical container (a tissue box could work just as well). You’ll keeps the bags concealed and be able to grab one quickly when you need it.

3. Offices build up clutter quickly. Papers, pens and other knick-knacks have a way of accumulating and making it stressful to work at your desk. By stacking mason jars, paint cans and other jars on their side, you can create unique cubby holes on a shelf or corner of your desk. Feel free to paint or decorate your cans, or leave them be for a vintage, crafty look.

4. Shelves are always a great way to keep papers off of counters and desks. Repurpose wall brackets by screwing them to your wall upside down. They will then look like fancy magazine holders, and provide a great space to keep mail, books and other papers without cluttering the surfaces in your home.

5. Scads of wires are likely one of the most common eyesores in all rooms. For areas that require a power strip, near TVs and computers, wires can become tangled and hard to identify. First, wrap a small piece of duct tape or a bread bag tag around the top of each wire and mark what they are in black marker. You can then use Velcro strips to hold a power strip to the leg of a desk or the back of an entertainment piece. This will keep wires off the floor and out of view.

6. One way to store tiny, cluttering objects out of sight: You can create floating jars under desks or work benches with easy accessibility. Glue a screw on jar top to the bottom of the work surface. Then fill the small jar with screws, nails, paperclips or any other knick-knacks and screw it to the lid. The jars will appear to float under the table and keep your clutter sorted.


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