PulseCX Shares the Love During Employee Appreciation Week



Consistent with a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and work/life balance, PulseCX celebrated “Employee Appreciation Week” as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the best Employee Experience (EX) to elevate and sustain/grow a culture of accountability (operationally/emotionally), departmental integration, collaboration, and leadership.

Each day of Employee Appreciation Week brought new activities and challenges for the enjoyment of the entire PulseCX staff. The events were all hosted by members of the Executive Committee to show their appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and contributions made by each and every member of the PulseCX Team. Executives include Jay Bolling, CEO; David Zaritsky, President; Kurt Mueller, Chief Innovation Officer; and Ed Nathan, Chief Creative Officer.

“Employee Appreciation Week was not only a huge success, it was a great opportunity to practice what we preach,” says Jay Bolling, CEO. “Reflective of our efforts to enhance the customer experiences (CX) for our clients, we take the same approach to ensure the best experience for our employees. In addition to that, it was a lot of fun and brought us even closer together as an organization.”


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