What could be more important than a company’s marketing plan? It is, as David Davidovic, author of Developing A Killer Marketing Plan (page 40), says the very thing that sets a brand’s direction, its expectations and how a company’s resources will be allocated in the coming year. Yet many marketing plans end up in binders, or their electronic equivalents, barely looked at throughout the year. Why?

Every company, Davidovic states, has its own ritual for putting together their marketing plan—and common universal problems pop up. These can lead to marketing plans that may not only miss the mark, but can cause organizational confusion, and worse, possibly cause damage to the business. Davidovic tackles these common problems and offers seven tips that make this annual process better—and can result in a killer marketing plan. Read our story to find out how you can improve your company’s process and set a direction your company will want to stick to.

And speaking of setting direction, PM360 recently concluded its annual Editorial Advisory Board Meeting. Our board, comprised of pharmaceutical industry thought leaders, talked about some of the many changes, trends and problems facing the industry. Among them were Big Data, Multi-Channel Marketing and CRM—just three of the many areas in which the pharma industry could use a little education to learn to understand and implement these systems effectively and cost-efficiently. Some of the problems included downsized brand teams, no-see doctors, adherence, regulation and the list goes on. Anyone in today’s rapidly changing pharma environment, it seems, needs to keep up or get left behind.

As the Essential Resource for Pharma Marketers, PM360 is in your corner when it comes to the changes facing pharma. Our mission, simply stated, is to help educate, inform and provide insight to pharma marketers so that they can make sense of these changes and move forward. That is why we are here, and so you can expect to see many articles and columns from us that will address these topics and more—stay tuned.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Greatest Creators Supplement. See who is setting the direction for the future of creative. Enjoy!




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