With billions of dollars lost to a lack of patient adherence, pharma companies are ratcheting up their efforts to ensure they put the patient at the center of everything they do. But is it really all about money? In this month’s special Patient-Centric Section we asked our readers to show us how the industry is putting the patient first. We received an overwhelming amount of submissions and published what we thought were the best. In the process, we uncovered many innovative ideas—and something else.

Pharma cares—not just about products, but about lives. Many in pharma who have reached out to touch patients have been touched back. They have a better understanding of the patient journey—the details of living day-to-day with an illness, the difficulties of adherence—and are learning how to make patients’ lives a little smoother and easier. This is all leading to better patient outcomes—a win-win situation for pharma companies and patients. Read all about it starting on page 35.

Also, check out the many great features and columns in this month’s issue that continue our tradition of bringing you the keen insights, diverse viewpoints and timely solutions you have come to expect from us.

And one viewpoint that we regularly feature comes from PM360 Board member Bud Bilanich. He writes our Common Sense column, which you may have had occasion to read. But in his real job he is an organization effectiveness consultant, executive coach, motivational speaker, moderator, bestselling author and influential blogger.

Bud has extensive experience in the pharma and medical device industries. His typical projects include: culture building, merger and acquisition integration, executive team development, cross function team facilitation, leadership coaching and front-line leader training and development. His clients include many big-name companies including Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. Bud is also a PM360 Expert on Call. Should you need help with your organization development and executive coaching needs, he is an expert you can call on, too.

Finally, the pharma world suffered a big loss on April 16 as the Founder and former CEO of Stonefly Communications, 52-year old John Racik, died after a long battle with cancer. John led a patient-focused, insight-driven company dedicated to healthcare. Joe Daley, president of GSW and a former co-worker, commented, “John was one of the sharpest strategic minds in our business. He had remarkable drive and uncompromising expectations for everything he touched which led to countless relationships in the business and success for the agency.” Daley adds, “The only thing bigger than John’s personality was the passion he had for clients’ success.”

PM360 extends its condolences to the family and friends of John Racik, to all the people he’s worked with and the many groups he has volunteered for over the years. He will be missed.



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