Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian Warns the Community of Potential Increase in Blue Light Exposure

MERIDIAN, Miss., April 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New LED streetlights are being installed by the city of Meridian on a 2.5 mile stretch of Highway 39. Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian warns that these lights will emit blue light, and that this light can be a hazard to vision health. Blue light, which is typically encountered by people using modern electronic devices, can also disrupt circadian rhythms when encountered too close to bedtime. Therefore, the eye care center recommends taking extra steps to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes.

Many people don’t realize how much blue light they are actually exposed to. Computer screens, cell phones, and tablets all emit this light in copious quantities. Now, the city of Meridian is installing new LED streetlights along a stretch of Highway 39 to save the city money in the long term. These lights will increase visibility for drivers, but they, too, operate in the blue part of the spectrum. This makes it so that people who travel this part of the road or live nearby will be exposed to even more of this type of light.

One of the most obvious results of overexposure to blue light is eye strain. This causes symptoms like headaches along with neck pain and blurry vision. Another result is difficulty sleeping. The brightness and wavelength of blue light can fool the body’s circadian rhythms into thinking that it is always daytime. This stops the body from feeling tired when it should.

“The streetlights alone may not be problematic for some people, but in today’s world, most people are already overexposed to this part of the light spectrum. Adding even more blue light to the environment makes it more important than ever for them to minimize how much of this light actually reaches their eyes. Fortunately, all it takes to do this is to wear glasses that have lenses meant to block this part of the spectrum,” said Dr. Minh Duong, OD of Primary Eyecare & Optical of Meridian.

Lenses meant to block blue light aren’t like those of sunglasses. They typically appear clear, and they allow good vision since they don’t darken the view. Instead, the effect is similar to that of lenses that block UV light: harmful light bands are stopped, while healthy ones are allowed to pass through freely. These lenses are especially important for people who spend hours looking at any source of blue light.

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