Precision Therapeutics Investee, Helomics Corporation, Announces Commercial Launch of New ‘HelomicsDiscover’ Program to Drive Forward the Next Generation of Precision Cancer Therapies

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Precision Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: AIPT) (“Precision” or “the Company”), a company focused on applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery, is pleased to announce that Helomics Corporation, which has a definitive merger agreement with AIPT, has launched its new HelomicsDiscover™ program.

Offered to pharma, biopharma and diagnostic partners, HelomicsDiscover™ leverages the D-CHIP™ (“Digital Clinical Health Insights Platform”) Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) powered bioinformatics platform, together with Helomics’ TruTumor™ patient-derived tumor model, to help drive the discovery of the next generation of precision cancer therapies, providing a range of solutions from target/biomarker discovery through drug screening and clinical studies, to companion diagnostics.

Helomics has already commenced sales and marketing activities to its network of pharma, biopharma and diagnostic companies for the HelomicsDiscover program. Through HelomicsDiscover, Helomics is positioning itself as a key partner for precision medicine at a time when pharma and biopharma companies are increasingly investing in building out their precision therapy portfolios. According to a report from BIS Research titled Global Precision Medicine Market – Analysis and Forecast (2017-2026), the global precision medicine market is expected to reach a value of $141.7 billion by the year 2026, with the oncology market segment expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (‘CAGR’) of 10.4% from 2017 to 2026.

Dr. Mark Collins, VP of Innovation and Strategy for Helomics, commented, “HelomicsDiscover brings together the D-CHIP platform and our Contract Research Organization (‘CRO’) services, which leverage our patient-derived tumor models, to support the development of the next generation of precision cancer therapies. Pharma companies will benefit from the HelomicsDiscover program in the search for new biomarkers of disease and drug response, drug screening programs and driving the selection and monitoring of patients during trials.”

Mr. Gerald Vardzel, CEO of Helomics, commented, “While our commercialization efforts for HelomicsDiscover are in their early days, there is already a proven and growing market for advanced technologies that can help the pharma industry develop precision therapies to prevent and treat diseases. We are confident that Helomics’ unique combination of the D-CHIP knowledgebase, together with our ability to test patient-derived tumors, holds significant value to the precision oncology market. Helomics has already commenced outreach to targeted pharma, biopharma and diagnostic companies and we expect to start generating revenues from our HelomicsDiscover program this year.”

Dr. Carl Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of Precision Therapeutics, commented, “Our 25% ownership stake in Helomics enables our shareholders unique access to this highly valuable solution for the precision medicine market. As we work toward increasing our stake in Helomics to 100%, we are encouraged by the commercial launch of the HelomicsDiscover program, which positions Helomics for revenue growth in 2018 and beyond. Moreover, the launch of HelomicsDiscover is aligned with our long-term growth strategy via Precision Therapeutics’ TumorGenesis subsidiary, which is working to continually improve the patient-derived tumor profiling platform, to grow tumors in the laboratory that more closely mimic tumors in the body.”

Each patient tumor tested at Helomics informs the learning of the D-CHIP AI engine, continually unlocking actionable insights into genomic and drug response profiles for many different cancers. Helomics’ D-CHIP knowledgebase is the world’s largest repository of genomic and drug response profiles from over 150,000 anonymized clinical tests, performed on the patient’s own tumor. The D-CHIP: Explorer allows researchers to query and gain actionable insights from this anonymized data, via a secure web based visual analytic platform that is also launching as part of the HelomicsDiscover program.

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About Precision Therapeutics Inc.

Precision Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AIPT) operates in two business areas: first, applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery to provide personalized medicine solutions for patients and clinicians as well as clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries, and second, production of the FDA-approved STREAMWAY® System for automated, direct-to-drain medical fluid disposal. For additional information, please visit

Precision Therapeutics’ medicine business is committed to improving the effectiveness of cancer therapy using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to rich data diseases databases. This business has launched with Precision Therapeutics’ investment in Helomics Corporation, a precision medicine company and integrated clinical contract research organization whose mission is to improve patient care by partnering with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and academic organizations to bring innovative clinical products and technologies to the marketplace.  In addition to its proprietary precision diagnostics for oncology, Helomics offers boutique CRO services that leverage their patient-derived tumor models, coupled to a wide range of multi-omics assays (genomics, proteomics and biochemical), and a proprietary bioinformatics platform (D-CHIP) to provide a tailored solution to our client’s specific needs. Helomics is 25% owned by Precision Therapeutics.  Helomics® is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the company maintains state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified, clinical and research laboratories. For more information, please visit

Precision Therapeutics has also announced the formation of a subsidiary, TumorGenesis to pursue a new rapid approach to growing tumors in the laboratory, which essentially “fools” the cancer cells into thinking they are still growing inside the patient. Precision Therapeutics and Helomics have also announced a proposed joint venture with GLG Pharma focused on using their combined technologies to bring personalized medicines and testing to ovarian and breast cancer patients, especially those who present with ascites fluid (over one-third of patients). The growth strategy in this business includes securing new partnerships and considering acquisitions in the precision medicine space.

Sold through the Skyline Medical business of Precision Therapeutics, The STREAMWAY System virtually eliminates staff exposure to blood, irrigation fluid and other potentially infectious fluids found in the healthcare environment. Antiquated manual fluid handling methods that require hand carrying and emptying filled fluid canisters present an exposure risk and potential liability. Skyline Medical’s STREAMWAY System fully automates the collection, measurement, and disposal of waste fluids and is designed to: 1) reduce overhead costs to hospitals and surgical centers; 2) improve compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agency safety guidelines; 3) improve efficiency in the operating room, and radiology and endoscopy departments, thereby leading to greater profitability; and 4) provide greater environmental stewardship by helping to eliminate the approximately 50 million potentially disease-infected canisters that go into landfills each year in the U.S.  For additional information, please visit

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