Point of Care’s Fascinating Evolution

Amid all of the changes, disruption, and technological upheaval that we have witnessed in the point-of-care (POC) space over the past few years it appears marketers are more interested in this ever-expanding channel then ever before. In “State of the Point of Care Marketing Industry 2022,”  a joint study by the Point of Care Marketing Association and ZS Associates, 80% of the 100 media planners and buyers surveyed considered POC to be a “critical” part of the overall advertising campaign. That is probably why they plan to invest more money in the channel in the coming years. In 2023 alone, they project approximately 23% growth in funds going toward POC campaigns across both consumer and HCP audiences. And qualitatively they expressed particular interest in the growing technology and digital opportunities emerging in this space.

If you are among those fascinated by the possibilities for marketers within the new-look POC, then this is the perfect issue for you. Our 2nd Annual Forum on Point of Care and Telehealth answers many of the questions I am sure you have been asking. Do you need to know the difference between telehealth, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring? Where has usage settled post pandemic? Or how exactly can marketers even leverage those technologies to better help patients? Then click here. Are you interested in how to utilize the full marketing-funnel potential of the pharmacy? Check out this article. Do you want to see what readers think are the biggest changes yet to come, how they would improve POC marketing, or what could be the biggest growth areas in 2023? Find out here.

Or perhaps it was our cover that drew you in. Healthcare’s digital front door. This has certainly been a popular buzzword as patients’ first interactions with healthcare are increasingly digital. And it’s another area where investment is booming as over $2.5 billion is expected to be spent on digital front doors by the end of this year, according to CB Insights. Our Think Tank features insights from both life sciences marketers and the technology vendors that are creating these digital front doors regarding the keys to designing them, partnership opportunities, marketing strategies, and more.

Where POC is headed will be an incredibly intriguing thing to track over the coming years. And we will be here to cover every point of it.


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