Industrializing Personalized Therapeutics: Can You Really “Mass Customize” Patient-specific Pharmaceuticals?

In the first of a three-series podcast with Vineti, CEO and Founder Amy DuRoss discusses the rapid growth of cell and gene therapies and whether it is possible to mass customize these types of therapies which are often made using cells directly from a patient or a donor.

DuRoss explains the challenges along the supply chain for personalized therapies that can make such a process difficult, but also what can and is being done to help streamline this process.

Finally, she looks toward the future and what may need to change as more personalized therapies are approved and hit the market.

Listen below and be sure to check out the next part in the series “Lessons Learned: What to Know About Producing Personalized Therapies” as well as the final part “How to Evolve and Mature Tech for Biotech and Pharma.”

Featuring: Amy DuRoss, CEO and Founder, Vineti