ViroPharma Europe
Cinryze “Prevent the Swell”

Untreated hereditary angioedema (HAE) patients can
experience anywhere from 20 to 100 days of incapacitation
a year due to swelling attacks. We found the debilitating
nature of the attacks and the emotional impact of anticipation
to be unique insights necessary to communicate the importance
of prevention with Cinryze. The foreboding imagery of
a daily environment forming a “swell” captured the emotion
of HAE and resonated with multiple physician specialties.
The campaign has been successful in establishing ViroPharma
Europe as a leader in the HAE market and in convincing
physicians to prescribe Cinryze for routine prophylaxis
against HAE attacks.

EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Barry Schmader
Creative Director, Copy: Laurie Bartolomeo
Creative Director, Art: John Kemble
Marketing Manager: Matthew Mason


Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Latuda ‘Fragments’ Campaign

The campaign shows how schizophrenia can tear patients
apart. The cover presents a patient torn into fragments by
schizophrenia. Inside, his image is still crackled because
there is no cure, however, the cracks are not as prominent,
and he is showing signs of symptom improvement. His
mother looks on, pleased with her son’s improvement.
Market research with family members informed the
decision to include “mom” here because family members
play a crucial role in treatment.

Copy: Heather Briddick, Jonathan Davila
Art: Marybeth Brien, Charlie Aldridge
Associate Creative Director: Verna Semenik
Creative Director: Brad Graetz, Annie Barton
Photographer: Todd Baxter


Draftfcb Healthcare
Boehringer Ingelheim/Pfizer – Spiriva

For a highly unmotivated target, with multiple health conditions,
treating COPD (a breathing condition) is low on the
priority list. Our task is to demonstrate to COPD sufferers
that we understand their plight and thus motivate them to
take action.

In the “Elephant” campaign, the elephant is a literal
manifestation of a frequently heard consumer insight that,
“breathing with COPD feels like I’ve got an elephant on my
chest!” The campaign is metaphorical. The elephant represents
the problem, and Spiriva represents the solution. So
“Elephant” is highly relevant to this consumer, and wildly
differentiating from the competition.

Associate Director, Respiratory Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim: Justin Zandri
Marketing Director, U.S. Patient & Physician Marketing, Pfizer: Robert Blanc
Senior Manager, Pfizer Consumer Marketing: Aylin Utke
Executive Creative Director: Rich Levy
EVP, Group Creative Director: Auge Reichenberg
VP, Creative Director: John Palisay
VP, Associate Creative Director: Tom McLoughlin
SVP, Group Management Director: Nanci Silverman
Account Director: Elise Sherman
Senior Account Executive: Adam Saltman
Account Executive: Sneha Ramachander
VP, Senior Broadcast Producer: Ida Lew
Director: Steve Chase


RCW Group
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
aHUS Disease Journal Ad

The campaign highlights the seriousness of the ultra-rare
disease atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS),
which causes sudden and progressive organ failure and
death. aHUS is a chronic, lifelong disease of systemic
complement-mediated thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA)
with catastrophic consequences. The high-impact, high-science
art illustrates the life-threatening nature of this
disease at the microvascular level.

VP, Art Group Supervisor: Larry Moen
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Gabrielle Tjaden
SVP, Account Director: Mary Lynn Kargman
VP, Account Group Supervisor: Kirsten Tonnessen
Account Group Supervisor: Danielle Love
Account Supervisor: Jennifer Santorsola
Client Team: Margaret Olinger, Jeroen van Beek, John King, Marcus
Peters, Chris Mutz, Brad Mathis, Courtney Cupples, and Ahmad Alrawi


Klick Health
Acorda Therapeutics
“What’s in a Name”

Klick Health was asked to create Acorda Therapeutics’ new
intranet system while also finding a way to encourage employee
adoption and develop enthusiasm for the rollout.
And so the “What’s in a Name” campaign was born. The
idea was to increase awareness amongst Acorda’s staff with a
contest to name the new system. The campaign consisted of
poster-sized print ads, which stressed the importance of coming
up with a good name by humorously referring to brands with
incredibly recognizable names (FedEx, Perrier, Lego, etc.).
The campaign resulted in hundreds of contest submissions,
but only one winner: “Synapse”!

Creative Director, Acorda Therapeutics: Maria Verastegui
VP, Creative Services, Klick Health: Glenn Zujew
Art Director, Klick Health: John Harmer
Associate Creative Director, Klick Health: Yamini Ramamoorthy
Senior Designer, Klick Health: Heeyol Lee
Senior Designer, Klick Health: Ariana Zhukova


The CementBloc
Novartis Vaccines – Menveo
Fresh Rhymes Unbranded Meningitis
Awareness Campaign

The perception is that meningitis is something so rare that it
only happens to “other people’s kids.” The reality is that any
kid who takes part in normal teenage behavior, like kissing
and sharing, is at risk. To raise awareness, this kit was
designed for public health offices, providing materials that
help educate and inform parents of preteens and teenagers
that meningococcal meningitis is a deadly disease.

The breakthrough visuals and updated nursery rhymes
resonated with parents, as well as healthcare providers.
Additionally, this unbranded campaign emphasized Novartis’
commitment to public health by driving the desired behavior
of getting adolescents vaccinated and protected.

Partner and Creative Director: Elizabeth Elfenbein
Group Copy Director: Margaret Lubalin
Art Director: Mimia Johnson


Intouch Solutions
Sanofi U.S.
iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring
System Launch Digital Campaign

The objective of the iBGStar digital campaign was to announce
the FDA clearance and subsequent retail launch
of the fi rst blood glucose meter to connect directly to the
iPhone and iPod touch. The campaign incorporates lifestyle
messaging and the excitement and visual energy that users
of Apple devices expect and admire. The full website
showcases a thirty-second promotional video illustrating
how easily the device is incorporated into daily life, along
with two “Apple-esque” tutorial videos. A vibrant color
palette, well-organized navigation, parallax scrolling, and
highlight nodes provide an engaging experience for users.

The interactivity and visual appeal extend to the mobile
site, with the campaign also featuring an announcement
and CRM email stream, savings offer, SMS/email strip refi ll
reminders, media banners, social media components, and

VP Client Services: Kim Bishop
Creative Director: Tomek Weber
Art Director: Anthony Tackett
Copywriters: Kevin Wohler/Andrea Byrne
Video Producer: Dusty Fann
Account Supervisor: Nikolay Yakovlev
Account Supervisor: Debbie Fenemore


Flashpoint Medica
Acorda Therapeutics – Ampyra
Think MS. Think Walking.

Most MS patients believe that walking impairment is
the most challenging symptom of their disease, but
neurologists who treat MS are typically less interested in
therapies that relieve symptoms and more concerned with
halting the disease using disease-modifying therapies.
We employed an MRI scan (a visual more than familiar
to physicians who treat MS) but with a surreal, striking
addition that highlights the importance of walking. When
doctors review lesions in a brain scan, they should also
consider its potential impact on mobility—and keep
walking impairment in mind. We combined the visual
with high-impact, concise copy for a campaign with a
clear message and a whole lot of stopping power.

SVP/Group Account Supervisor: Susan Burns
Account Manager: Elyse Coyle
EVP/Executive Creative Director: Steve Frederick
SVP/Creative Director: Steve Witt
Group Art Supervisor: Noel Garingan
Copywriter: Peter Shields


HCB Health
Alcon Surgical
“AcrySof Cachet Phakic Lens Global Campaign”

Phakic lenses are an alternative to LASIK surgery, but there are procedural similarities between these types of refractive lenses and cataract intraocular lenses (IOLs). Alcon is the world leader in cataract IOLs, with more than 60 million AcrySof brand IOLs implanted globally. That fact revealed a great opportunity to capture the confidence of this proven cataract brand, since Alcon’s phakic lens is designed on the world-renowned and trusted AcrySof platform.

Our mission was simple: Leverage the successful brand sentiment of the “AcrySof Advantage,” which carries a great deal of weight in this parallel market of refractive procedures.

We captured the unique shape of the lens, with ownable, iconic imagery that evoked strength, trust and ultimately confidence.

Creative Leads: Mark Gillmore, David Walker, Slade Seaholm
CGI (Computer Generated Imagery): Alter
Account Leads: Amy Smith, Sarah Drake, Jennifer Short
Client Leads: Seba Leoni, Rafael Chan, Tomoka Hiramatsu


GSW Worldwide
Lilly Oncology
The Moment Video

When it comes to cancer, much attention is given to things like data and clinical endpoints. We chose, however, to focus on the one thing all cancer patients have in common: that devastating moment when they receive their diagnosis. The moment
where Lilly Oncology can take action.

We show an elderly man going through what appears to be a perfectly ordinary day. But by the time we reveal him sitting in his oncologist’s office, receiving the worst possible news, it’s clear that this day was anything but ordinary. In an instant, this
man’s life has changed forever. These are the moments that are the driving force behind Lilly Oncology’s commitment to change the world of cancer care.

Creative Directors: Scott Morris and Dennis Leahy
Art direction: Jason Piaskowski
Writers: Patrick Myers and Chris Hill


Team Chemistry/Sudler & Hennessey
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
Remicade “The Beast”

With more than a decade of experience, Remicade is respected as one of the strongest and most effective anti-TNF treatments for rheumatologic disease. However, some rheumatologists are beginning to question the role of infusion therapy, given the
breadth of easier-to-use, though not necessarily as effective, options.

We needed to remind physicians about the relentlessly aggressive nature of these diseases—and of the need for Remicade. The Remicade Beast is an iconic graphic that
conveys the vicious signs and symptoms of rheumatologic disease and tells the story in a dramatic and telegraphic fashion. The Beast, which tested off the charts in quantitative and qualitative research, and as market results confirm, clearly reinforces for prescribers just why they rely on Remicade.

Art Director: Jennifer Harrison, Stephen Cimini, Don Brunjes
Copywriter: Lauren Anton, Courtney Korzun
Illustrator: Sarah Coleman
Creative Director: George Lewis
Executive Creative Director: Diane Ohye


Digitas Health
Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. – Abilify
“Me and My Depression”

Winston Churchill famously called depression his “black
dog,” so we asked people to illustrate their depression and
the way it feels. Some described it as a black cloud, a ball
and chain, a hole in the ground, a bathrobe, or an umbrella
that rains only on them. We brought those stories and
testimonials to life in our “Me and My Depression” integrated
campaign using animation and illustration, helping
patients to better see themselves in the characters. Each
character has his or her own depression story and a road
to better treatment with Abilify. The integrated campaign
includes TV, print, collateral and web.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Brand Team
Senior Product Manager: Edward Banfe
Product Manager: Kallie Speller
Director, Customer Strategy & Operations: Michele Kemp
Region Business Director: Michele Calope
Digitas Health Creative Team
Executive Creative Director: Jacqueline Nolan
Executive Creative Director: Graham Mills
Group Creative Director: Audrey Fleisher
Creative Director: Charles Truett
Digitas Health Account Team
SVP/Marketing: Michael Maher
VP/D, Marketing: Jennifer Hubbell


FingerPaint Marketing
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. – Epilog brand
Epilog Integrated Campaign

Epilog.us, an online outlet to provide epileptologists and neurologists with opinions and trending information on topics related to epilepsy treatment, was launched at the American
Epilepsy Society (AES) meeting in December 2011. The Epilog brand, a disease education program, seeks to foster dialog and serve as a voice for neurology and epileptology professionals
who aspire to improve patient outcomes through education, advocacy and discussion.

A dedicated booth introduced the brand and featured interactive content including a Touchscreen Monitor with External Expert bios, a Welcome Video and an Interactive Quiz. iPods, with a Podcast from Dr. Cynthia Harden on the topic of Women & Epilepsy, and iPads, featuring a White Paper on the same topic, were also available. A premailer encouraged the audience to visit the booth, and a postmailer offered an educational reprint on the topic.

Client/Senior Product Manager: Steve Placeway
Partner/Creative Lead: Jaime Butler-Binley
Designer: Renata Sviridova
Interactive Strategist Lead/Writer: Stephanie Brown
Copywriter: David Wilson
Interactive Strategist: Nora Flansburg
Partner/Account Service Lead: Patrick O’Shea
Medical Strategist: Kim Irish
Web Developer: Adam Leder
Web Developer: Chris O’Brien
Project Management Lead: Jenny McKenna
Project Management: Donna McCarthy


LEO Pharma Inc. A/S -Taclonex
Taclonex Unzip

Psoriasis is a tough disease to live with. It’s uncomfortable, disfiguring, and often downright humiliating. In focus groups, patients continuously say they “just want to step outside their skin.”

In addition, many of the topical treatments come with complex, multi-product regimens that make compliance (and ultimately, success) a real challenge. The genius of Taclonex is that it gives patients powerful efficacy in a simple, once-daily topical
formulation—Strength and Simplicity. The unzip campaign is meant to showcase the elegance of Taclonex. The iconic device of the zipper is not only striking—but also functionally convenient. It’s a great way to show before and after imagery (which
dermatologists love) without the tired split-screen execution.

Founder, Co-CEO, Executive Creative Director: Michael Sanzen
EVP Managing Partner, Creative Director, Art: Adam Cohen


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