PM360 Trailblazer Awards Enters its Second Decade!

On September 19th, Manhattan’s Gotham Hall once again hosted our 2019 Trailblazer Awards—at our 11th year—and we were thrilled to celebrate PM360’s entrance into a second decade in which we will again provide our marketing community with the opportunity to discover the industry’s best and brightest change-makers, uncover the campaigns and initiatives that make our community proud, and highlight the compassion and empathy that has become pivotal to patient and physician communications. Our Trailblazers achieve all this—and much more.

Who were our extraordinary winners? Brenda Snow, Founder & CEO of the Snow Companies, won the Lifetime Achievement Award for her persistence and strength in kicking off the patient engagement movement. Our Vanguard Award, which recognizes industry pioneers, went to Ahnal Purohit, PhD, whose company was founded on understanding human behavior to find unique solutions to marketing challenges. And our new Imagination Award, sponsored by Greater Than One, which exemplifies those who push beyond conventional industry norms, went to Jamie Castle, President, Obagi.

PM360’s Companies of the Year winners exceeded our esteemed judges stringent criteria to prove their exceptional leadership in innovation, talent development, and social responsibility in Pharma/Biotech, Specialty Pharma, and Medical Device/Diagnostics. Gold winners included GSK for Pharmaceutical/Biotech; Edwards Lifesciences for Medical Device/Diagnostics; AMAG Pharmaceuticals for Specialty Pharma/Biotech; Calcium for Advertising Agency; and Health Monitor Network for Supplier/Vendor.

PM360 delivers the industry’s hottest party of the year to celebrate these outstanding winners—and we offer special thanks to our sponsors, Greater Than One, Health Monitor Network, Snow Companies, Calcium, Dudnyk, Intouch Solutions, Concentric Health Experience, and MicroMass, as well as our public relations partner FINN Partners and Prime To Go for their broadcast services. Click here to get in on the party and click here to read about all of our winner’s accomplishments.

Our industry is innovating at an incredible pace—and you are doing it. That’s why our Innovations Issue in December will showcase your new innovative strategies, or game-changing products employing new technologies, so be sure to submit your work before the extended October 28th deadline by going to This issue is a valuable guide to the latest innovations that are building a better healthcare environment. Show us what you’ve got!


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