Every year, PM360 showcases some of the best creative work from agencies serving the life sciences industry from the past year. But we also feature some of the best artwork from those within the industry. Seen above are our favorite runners-up to our annual cover competition of original artwork from those working within the industry (you can view our pick for the cover here).

The above pieces are (clockwise from top left): “Made by Hand” by Dave Cap (Senior Brand Designer, GSW, a Syneos Health company); “Painted Pond” by Anne Squadrito (SVP, Creative Director, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide); “Lemons with Glass Bowl” by Shelley Hanna (SVP, Executive Creative Director, ghg | greyhealth group); “Sunny Side Up” by Ricardo Paredes (VP, Art Supervisor, Entrée Health); “Afternoon Sidewalk” by Steven Michaelson (Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Calcium); “South Ferry, December 2017” by Kathy Moseley (Studio Design Manager, Purohit Navigation, Inc.); “Gaslamp at Night, III” by Rob Heller (Self-employed Creative Director); “Fresh” by Ben Blount (Group Art Supervisor, Razorfish Health); and “Mind Blowing Science” by Isaac Collar (Senior Art Director, MicroMass Communications, Inc.).

Now, back to our Greatest Creators Showcase of agency work done for the industry. Here are our 15 selections of the best submissions we received this year. Each agency explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.



Avanir Pharmaceuticals

PBA Info Hand Print Website

The PBAinfo.org Hand Print website uses a visual “hand print” device to help users learn that crying or laughing that doesn’t match how they feel could be PseudoBulbar Affect, or PBA.

Because people with PBA often have cognitive impairments, the website needed to be easy to use, with simple copy and design and with intuitive interactivity.

Quiz usage for the first two months increased eight times compared to the same two-month period the previous year for the prior website. Visits from the new site accounted for over half of referral traffic to the branded site in the first two months.

Agency Team:
SVP, Creative Director: Andy McAfee
Associate Creative Director, Art: Erika Snell
Creative Director: Janet Kleve
Associate Creative Director, User Experience Design: Leah Shanholtz
Sr. User Experience Designer: Sam Baker
Senior Art Director: Theo Hild
Copy Supervisor: Ashley Sprowl

Cambridge BioMarketing

Cambridge BioMarketing, part of UDG Healthcare


All of Me

A rare disease, generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG), forces patients to deal with a “new version of themselves.” Activities of daily living and quality of life are greatly impacted when symptoms are not adequately controlled.

Despite treatment, 10% to 15% of patients with gMG continue to experience symptoms and associated risks. Refractory patients face years of treatment failures and side effects combined with unresolved and debilitating symptoms—compromising their outcomes.

Creative Approach:

The team wanted to accomplish two goals: 1) Empathetically connect with patients and 2) Talk to them about refractory disease and worsening symptoms in an encouraging way so they could re-engage with the healthcare community. With those objectives in mind, we sought to uncover the true patient voice and insights through individual patient interviews.

From there, the team began concepting and distilling the high-science disease pathology into a patient-literate “story.” The concept portrays a symptomatic patient redrawing affected parts of the body. The idea was born from the patient insight that they are in a daily struggle to maintain their lives in the face of ongoing and worsening disease. The campaign headline concisely embodies the spirit of the patient struggle.

Once executed, the campaign quickly gained traction and patient understanding began to shift. Patients and advocacy organizations heralded the campaign as “the best and easiest description of gMG.”

Agency Team:
Director, Medical Strategy: Julianne T. Dunphy, PhD
Associate Medical Director: Rebeca Tenney, PhD
Associate Medical Director: Nicole Gibbs
Associate Creative Director, Art: Lauren Hillyard
Group Art Supervisor: Ray Paguyo
Senior Designer: Jarad Cunha
Director of Copy, Craft, and Strategy: Michael McNally-Costello
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Karly Chester
Copy Supervisor: Alex Barunas
Editorial Director: Laurie Hergrueter
Senior Print Production Manager: Karen Hennessey
Senior Production Designer: Kim Reynolds
Production Designer: Alex Thomson
Account Supervisor: Christina Boni
Senior Account Executive: Elizabeth Grice
Account Executive: Christian Mund
Project Director: Denise Bell
Senior Project Manager: Sara Ford
Senior Project Manager: Sara Bertonassi
Senior Project Manager: Greg Halpern

CDM New York

CDM New York

Radius Health

“Rethink Osteoporosis”

Osteoporosis is a disease that is often under-treated as research revealed a physician belief that osteoporosis occurs only in “elderly” women. However, women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis beginning at menopause, which typically starts in the early 50s. A missed diagnosis may put patients at serious risk for additional fractures, loss of mobility, and even death.

Ultimately, this campaign was designed to confront physicians with the reality that one osteoporotic fracture poses a threat to a woman’s whole foundation.

Radius Health developed an awareness campaign to disrupt complacent thinking about osteoporotic fractures and the associated risks.

Using the body as a canvas, we painted women to expose the vulnerability of a postmenopausal woman’s bones. We went with a hand-crafted approach instead of computer generated art to enhance the fragility of the body, the “red bolt” was our artistic representation of the osteoporotic fracture.

A direct mailer was sent out in early March 2017, and this piece was so impactful that HCPs were calling to request additional copies, with some customers even framing it for their offices.

Agency Team:
Creative Director Art: John Hastings
Creative Director Copy: Jen Ross
Art Director: Rita Caliendo
Copywriter: Jen Alecci
Account Team: Roxy Sorafine & Kerry Earls

Client Team:
Product Managers: Lauren Pennington & Melissa Shideleff

Concentric Health Experience

Concentric Health Experience

Sage Therapeutics

Silence Sucks

Postpartum depression (PPD) is surrounded by misperception, stigma, and shame that prevent both women and their doctors from having honest conversations. Shattering harmful barriers to open dialogue required us to confront PPD in a strong and provocative way while instantly creating empathy. “Silence Sucks” features a series of women, each sucking on a pacifier, symbolizing both the silent suffering that many new mothers endure as a result of PPD and the harmful effects it can have on the mother-infant relationship.

The creative strategy was to sensitively illustrate the painful internal conflict of PPD—wanting to be a happy, “perfect” mother, but experiencing intense feelings of sadness, guilt, and anxiety, all of which make speaking up difficult. Our challenge was to highlight the serious problem of PPD in a confrontational yet compassionate manner that encouraged open discussion between women and their physicians, spouses or partners, family, and friends. Since its launch, “Silence Sucks” has been tremendously successful at starting the conversation about PPD on social media, in news outlets, and beyond—truly shattering the silence surrounding the condition that affects so many of the women we know and love.

Agency Team:
EVP, Group Creative Director: Anthony Turi
SVP, Client Service Director: Kristina Teng
VP Associate Creative Director, Copy: Aimee Hiltz
VP Associate Creative Director, Art: Arsen Gurabardhi
Copywriter: Kathryn Black
Art Director: JungYeon Woo

Client Team:
Associate Director, Postpartum Depression Marketing: Mary Malito
VP, Head of Medical Affairs: Ryan Arnold



Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Vyxeos “Reimagined Expectations”

The treatment landscape for adults with newly diagnosed therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia (t-AML) or acute myeloid leukemia with myelodysplasia-related changes (AML-MRC) has gone largely unchanged for more than 40 years. Patients and physicians had been eagerly anticipating the approval and launch of Vyxeos, the first chemotherapy advancement for these patients to come along in decades. Knowing the importance of this therapy to the AML community, the team worked hard to develop a campaign that would be compelling and would resonate well within the market.

The “Reimagined Expectations” campaign focuses on this novel therapy and showcases the potential benefits of treatment with Vyxeos. The visual of the liposome encapsulating a man and his granddaughter in a park demonstrates how this therapy can bring new hope to patients and their families. Vyxeos was shown to deliver an overall survival advantage over standard of care treatment for these patients, and it was imperative that the team be able to convey that message powerfully.

The multichannel launch plan was strategically developed to ensure that the powerful Vyxeos messages would make a big impact in the AML treating community and reach our entire target audience.

Agency Team:
EVP, Creative Director: John Kemble
EVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Dawn Hastings
Associate Creative Director, Art: Megan Kudela
Senior Copywriter: Ryan Subhan
Senior Art Director: Carrie Loomis
VP, Group Account Director: Tim Anderson
Account Supervisor: Nancy Walsh

Client Team:
Senior Director, Hematology Oncology Marketing: Samir Garg
Associate Director, Hematology Oncology Marketing: John Chuang



DePuy Synthes Trauma

“Bad to the Bone”

The “Bad to the Bone” campaign was created for the launch of the new DePuy Synthes TFNA Augmentation System, the first and only polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) cement with specific trauma device indications for use with the TFNA System. The TFNA Augmentation System is used to address the needs of patients with hip fractures and who have poor or osteoporotic bone quality. These fractures are common in the elderly and often lead to increased morbidity and mortality. The TFNA Augmentation System allows surgeons to inject PMMA into the implant, even during a procedure, to enhance bone fixation and prevent what surgeons refer to as cut-out—a loss of implant anchorage or stability in the bone, frequently occurring in those with poor bone quality. Cut-out causes the femoral neck-shaft angle to collapse, and is a leading clinical complication during hip fracture surgery.

The idea of portraying the inside of a femur bone as fragile, shattered glass came from talking to surgeons about the problems they face when doing hip repairs on this age group. Anchoring an implant to hold hip bones together is complicated by the poor quality of bone that surgeons frequently encounter in the middle of a procedure—bone quality they often refer to in descriptive terms like fragile.

Agency Team:
Founding Partner: Frank X. Powers
Chief Creative Officer: Barry Schmader
Creative Director: Tara Powers
Chief Scientific Officer: Kathleen Nelson, PhD
Practice Lead, Client Delivery: Erin Hlivia

Client Team:
Worldwide Senior Product Director: Fabienne Fischer
Worldwide Product Director: Randy Mays, Jr.
Group Product Director, World Wide Trauma Franchise Marketing: Michael DiGuglielmo, Jr.
Senior Director of Marketing, Trauma: David Urbahns
Vice President of Global Marketing: Lei Mercado

Entrée Health

Entrée Health

Coverage Coalition

Mere Mortals

When the advertising budget for the Affordable Care Act was slashed and the enrollment period cut, Entrée Health took it personally. As a communications agency dedicated to the premise that people deserve access to the healthcare they need, we wanted to be sure that people would still know about all their healthcare options. That’s why we joined the Coverage Coalition, a pro bono project designed to ensure people signed up for affordable healthcare. In total, the Coverage Coalition reached 79,362,745 people with TV and radio spots and thousands of social posts, including our “Mere Mortals” series, which focused on the foibles of supposedly all-powerful gods and goddesses.

Agency Team:
Senior Copywriter: Zoya Haroon
Art Director: Kathleen Rothschild
SVP, Creative Director: Denise Dell’Olio
EVP, Creative Director: Megan Hall


GSW, a Syneos Health company


This Little Piggy


MiracleFeet provides support to clinics to increase access to treatment for children born with clubfoot in developing countries. However, they lacked a storytelling style with enough emotional resonance that would allow them to appeal to a larger base of would-be donors.


We were saddened to hear so many stories about uncorrected clubfoot leading to terrible consequences beyond just the inability to walk and run. We wanted potential donors to know that for little money, they could change these troubled stories. “This little piggy” nursery rhyme is well known worldwide as a fun, playful interaction between mom and baby with baby’s little toes. To dramatize what clubfoot often leads to, our version twists everything in a much darker direction.


We teamed up with director/photographer Rakesh Haridas in Mumbai, India to shoot motion and stills with babies who were born with the defect. India is far and away the most concentrated location for children born with clubfoot.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Capanear
Creative Director: Adam Hessel
Creative Director: Tom Callan
Copywriter: Ron Larson
Integrated Producer: Jon Parkinson

Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions


Mydayis #ladyboss Consumer Campaign

Intouch Solutions developed a compelling and highly targeted consumer-facing campaign for Mydayis (mydayis.com) that speaks to our patient in ways no other pharmaceutical brand does—in her #ladyboss language. Evening ADHD symptoms can be a real challenge for women suffering from ADHD. Their busy lives don’t slow down just because their medication has worn off. It just gets harder. This integrated campaign delivered through our brand positioning, tone, and imagery acknowledges who she is and where she is, as well as how it impacts her day-to-day life. We’re here to help—without distraction. Built to be bold, compelling, and to the point, it showcases all she needs to know to make an educated decision about her ADHD treatment, so she can get back to being #boss at work and at home.

Agency Team:
Associate Creative Director: Else Blake
VP Executive Creative Director: Elizabeth Rooney
Group Creative Director: Jeff MacFarland
Creative Director: Chris Shults
Associate Creative Director: Ryan Ressler
Account Supervisor: Kennedy Stout
Account Director: Libby Moss
Vice President, Client Services: Krisha Newham
Senior Account Manager: Malorie Barnett
Account Administrator: Lindsay Gomez
VP, Strategic Planning: Chris Humphreys
Director of Strategic Planning: Hilary Allen
Team Lead, PMO: Chad Quigley
Associate Scientific Director: Anita Inamdar

Client Team:
Senior Director – Mydayis Commercial Lead: Kim Gariepy
Director, Consumer Marketing and Lifecycle Management: Kristie Whitehouse
Sr. Product Manager, Neuroscience Franchise: Sandra Jennings

INVIVO Communications Inc.

INVIVO Communications Inc.

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Interactive Video Wall

Coinciding with a recent acquisition and the launch of a robust portfolio of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) therapies, Sunovion looked to INVIVO to create an engaging, interactive installation for upcoming conferences. We developed a large-scale conference installation, designed with the intent of encouraging user interaction and acquisition of new knowledge.

We created 3D objects representative of COPD and its highlighted therapeutics to be used by attendees as navigation elements, offering a flexible and user-directed approach to content exploration. To interact with the video wall, attendees placed the 3D objects onto the kiosk screen, triggering customized animated content. Users were given the flexibility to explore and engage with the sales representatives, prolonging their interaction and facilitating insightful discussions.

Agency Team:
Director Business Development: Dianna Cronin
Account Director: Marie-Claude Turgeon
Account Project Manager: Erin Kenzie
Director of Animation: Jason Raine
Art Director: Jeremy McCormick
Medical Animators: Jenn Platt, Natalie Cormier
3D Animator: Vitaly Ivachin
Medical Editor: Matthew Lumba
Functional QA: Justin Arthur
Developers: Kevin Gojmerac, Davin Suen, Megan Kuhrt, Dylan Ravka
UX Designer: Andrea Zariwny
Creative Director: James Hackett



Exact Sciences Corporation


In his second year of encouraging adults over 50 to screen for colon cancer with Cologuard, Lil’ CG went on the road to highlight the value of screening at home. He points to a host of places—from the road side to public bathrooms—where it wouldn’t be pleasant to take a test.

Lil’ CG grew out of research that illuminated that while one-third of eligible adults avoid colonoscopy, the reasons are more nuanced than one might expect. Many avoiders believe they’re not at risk because colon cancer doesn’t run in the family and/or they’re relatively healthy. We needed to make colon cancer screening as seamless to their busy lives as possible.

Lil’ CG is CGI—but much of the rest of his world is very real (or at least as real as a sound stage in Brooklyn). Terrific collaboration between client, agency, and production team has resulted in a spot that is driving significant business for Exact Sciences.

Agency Team:
SVP, Creative Director: Marinella Georgino
ACD, Art: Maeden Anda
Senior Copywriter: Dawn Hylton
Director, Creative Services: Tim Boyce
Director Broadcast Production: Natalie Teager
SVP, Planning: Kunsan Kim
Group Account Supervisor: Sophie Malaczko
Account Executive: Tina Limbo
Production Partner: Roof Studio

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (U.K.)

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (U.K.)


Change Their Mindset to Quitting

The smoking cessation aid CHAMPIX is unique in blocking patients’ nicotine receptors. This stops cravings and reduces the rewarding effect of smoking, helping smokers to overcome their addiction physically and psychologically. Our film heroes this mode of action—asking if HCPs are doing enough to tackle addiction at the core.

Agency Team:
General Manager: Sam Petyan
Executive Creative Director: Eduard Llena Portell
Associate Creative Director: Gez Purcell
Art Director: Vibz Thaker
Copywriter: Luke O’Driscoll
Copywriter: Kate Craggs
Head of Planning: Alix Critchley
Account Manager: India Hamblin
Production Company: Smoke and Mirrors

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (U.S.)

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (U.S.)

Concerned Citizens to Take Down Gun Violence

“Take Down Gun Violence” Video

On average, more than one mass shooting a day takes place in the United States. With arguments raging on how to manage the epidemic of gun violence, something needed to be done to save lives now.

Inspired by public safety choking communications, we created a shooting survival video, designed to offer practical tips, first aid, and safety advice to individuals on effective self-preservation in the case of a mass shooting.

It was the video we didn’t want to create.

The “Take Down Gun Violence” video has seen a sizable jump in views, likes, and shares on social media. In addition, PR and publishing attention has resulted in multiple articles that have helped spread the word on simple self-survival techniques in case of a public shooting.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Director: Kathy Delaney
Creative Director, Writer: Scott Carlton
Creative Director, Art: Carolyn Gargano
Agency Producer: Steve Pytko
Sound Engineer: John Maloney
Animator: Jakob Strunk
Illustrator: Lauren Chan
Art Buyer: Ali Cohen

Snow Companies

Snow Companies

EMD Serono

Men & MS

Creative Process:

In 15+ years of interacting with MS patients and caregivers, we’ve observed a common theme: The lack of support groups and programs just for men. And in general support group settings, men tend not to open up or engage. Why is that?

As a society, we tell men that crying or showing emotions is a “weakness.” We tell men they shouldn’t “burden” others with their problems. But ignoring those emotions and problems doesn’t make them go away.

That’s why we partnered with EMD Serono to develop the Men & MS video series. Featuring men from the MS LifeLines Ambassador program sharing their insights and experiences, this series tackles challenges such as intimacy, relationships, and communication. Ambassadors explore and examine some of the stigmas and stereotypes that hold men with MS back (“real men don’t cry; real men bury their emotions”). They talk about asking for help and being honest with your spouse and loved ones. And above all, they show that MS doesn’t have to stand in the way of being the best husband, father, and man you can be.


Since they were posted on MS LifeLines’ YouTube channel, the videos have received more than 1,700 views. They have also served as a launching point for Men & MS Community Education Forums, live programs featuring panels of MS LifeLines Ambassadors, and a male MSLL Nurse discussing some of the same issues raised by the videos.

Agency Team:
Producer, Writer: Carli Schleser-Flint
Writer: Logan Hirsh
VP, Client Services: Melinda Snow, RN, MSN
Account Director: Tricia Reuss

Client Team:
Associate Product Manager, Marketing, U.S. Neurology & Immunology: Angel Powers
Associate Director, Marketing, U.S. Neurology & Immunology: Beth Kinsella



Symbiomix Therapeutics, LLC, a Lupin Company

Keep Her Awesome BV Awareness Campaign

Keep Her Awesome is a national awareness campaign focused on educating and empowering women to take control of their gynecologic health. The website is a central resource, providing both consumers and healthcare professionals with information on bacterial vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection affecting 21.2 million (or one in three) U.S. women annually. The campaign launched in 2017, educating and preparing the market for the availability of a new treatment for BV from Symbiomix Therapeutics, LLC, a Lupin company.

Keep Her Awesome is dedicated to breaking down the stigma associated with bacterial vaginosis by addressing common misperceptions around vaginal health across audiences and emphasizing the importance of a proactive dialogue with a healthcare provider. The campaign does this through the dissemination of comprehensive guides including Doctor and Partner Discussion Guides, Vaginal Health Dos and Don’ts, in-depth content around what an optimal vagina looks like, relatable and approachable influencer video content with Shan Boodram and Dr. Roshini Raj, as well as accessible statistics and support access—all with the goal of engendering dialogue, discussion, recognition, and the proper treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

Reach, placement, and social mentions exceeded goals, including more than 108 million total impressions and 475k site visits.

Agency Team:
Group Account Directors: Katherine Menges and Meredith Jarblum
Account Director: Rosemary Dorsett
Lead Strategist: Matt Noe
Executive Creative Director: Trip Hosmer
Creative Director: Paul D’Addario
Associate Creative Director: Luana Sanson
Copywriters: Tina Fish and Elizabeth Anderson


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