PM360 Presents The 2017 Greatest Creators

Showcase by on March 24th, 2017

PM360’s annual showcase of some of the best creative work from agencies serving the life science industry from the past year. Here are our 16 selections of the best submissions we received this year. Each agency explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.



Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana

The Power of One

Purpose: AbelsonTaylor wanted to revitalize its pop tab collection efforts to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana, which recycles the pop tabs to help fund family’s stays at a Ronald McDonald House near their child in a hospital.

The Campaign: AbelsonTaylor challenged its employees to discover the Power of One: How one little tab joined by others could add up in one big way. We started with an email and video teaser of a slow-motion close up of the dramatic twist and pop of the tab to communicate that every tab can make a difference.

We then kicked off the promotion at our AT Summerfest charity event with tent cards promoting “The Power of One” on every desk and surface. Posters and a video used CGI to build objects out of tabs to depict their transformational power. We even had a “Mr. Big Tab” that displayed 30 days of pop tab collection inspiration to encourage AT employees to save their tabs.

The Results: In the two years prior to our Power of One promotion, we collected five pounds of tabs. In the six-month period starting with Summerfest, we collected 31.5 pounds—an increase of more than 600%, which added up to more families being able to stay close to their child at a Ronald McDonald House.

VP, Account Director: Kristen McGirk
Project Lead: Danielle Jamil
Associate Creative Director: Janet Kleve
Associate Creative Director: Kevin Kustra
Sr. Director Broadcast | Print Production: Mitch Apley
Visual Effects Supervisor: Dave Pasciuto
Animation Lead: Colin Craig
Editor: Joel Witmer
Visual Effects Producer: Nick Schroeder
Compositor: Brody Davis
Compositor: Marco Giampaolo
Music: Musikvergnuegen
Voice Over: Karin Anglin

ARK Media

ARK Media


Hand-Swelling Gloves


For this unbranded effort, ARK’s rich history of empathic experience design served as a foundation toward increasing knowledge and empathy in the HCP audience about hand swelling. Our goal was to establish a booth setting with digital tools and typical daily activities to emulate the challenges patients experience with the condition. Through a specially engineered glove apparatus and the opportunity to attempt several activities of daily living, Shire booth attendees experienced the limitations of this condition on a deeper level than they would have through text or patient testimony. Our interactive program and empathy-focused approach enabled HCPs to better understand the needs of those who suffer from this rare but debilitating condition.

Research and Content Development: Shari Short
Project Manager: Amy Demarest
Graphic Design: Lauren McFadden
Software Development: Jennifer Young
Glove Design and Engineering: Drew Jordon
Hardware Engineering: Bryce Beamer

Calcium USA

Calcium USA


ILUSTRA Campaign

The product: ILUSTRA is the first and only simple genetic risk test that easily identifies people who may be prone to developing chronic inflammation, based on specific genetic markers.

The campaign: This campaign—which dramatically features a DNA strand comprised of matchsticks—works powerfully on many different levels to solve the problem of creating urgency to request the genetic test—ILUSTRA—that identifies a factor that most people have never considered before. Through heightened and targeted messaging, employers, employees, and dentists learned about the benefits of having the knowledge that can empower those at risk to take control of their wellness and change their future based on simple, preventative measures.

The creative process: This campaign strategically focused on educating the key stakeholders on why it is imperative to identify patients who are at risk of developing chronic inflammation before it cascades into life-altering, financially burdensome conditions. The campaign graphic—boldly designed matchsticks with one that has caught fire—quickly and cleverly highlights the fact that this issue is urgent and requires immediate attention before it spreads. The provocative headline works in tandem with the graphic, as a critical and challenging lead-in to the call to action.

Founder / Chief Executive Officer: Steven Michaelson
Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Steve Hamburg
Managing Partner / General Manager: Garth McCallum-Keeler
VP, Creative Director, Art: Jeff Scott
SVP, Creative Director, Copy: Debra Young



Sun Ophthalmics

The BromSite Knight

Sun Ophthalmics’ BromSite is the first and only ophthalmic NSAID with an indication to prevent ocular pain in cataract surgery patients. In preparation for launch into a competitive and crowded ophthalmic market, the BromSite team knew it was in for a fierce battle and needed a breakthrough campaign to gain recognition and stand out among competitors.

Following extensive market research and branding workshops, the team landed on a powerful positioning for BromSite that elevated its functional benefits (proven medication with novel DuraSite delivery) to an emotional promise of “the recovery ensurer.” This focused positioning led to the development of the BromSite Knight. The knight is a formidable figure, standing ready to protect the eye and help deliver an optimal post-surgical recovery for patients. The strength of the knight is balanced by the representation of the unique delivery system that allows the medication to seamlessly move into the eye with increased viscosity and ocular retention time.

BromSite adoption has exceeded expectations since launch, and the compelling knight campaign continues to generate excitement and interest among eye care professionals.

EVP, Creative Director: John Kemble
EVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Michele Mayne
Associate Creative Director, Art: Andrew Runion
Copy Supervisor: Andy Bornstein
Senior Art Director: Gavin Loscalzo
Account Director: Scott Harper
Senior Account Executive: Elizabeth Butterfield

Elevate Healthcare

Elevate Healthcare


Seconds Count Campaign

An opioid overdose death occurs nearly every 16 minutes in this country. Naloxone is becoming more available to help reverse opioid overdoses and save lives, but the facts about where and how opioid emergencies happen led to the need for a different kind of naloxone—and the creation of the Seconds Count Campaign.

Most life-threatening opioid overdoses actually occur in the home, witnessed by friends or family. Imagine that moment when a loved one is discovered in the midst of an opioid emergency. There is fear, panic, confusion. In approximately four minutes, hypoxia can lead to severe, permanent brain damage—yet the average EMS response time is 9.4 minutes. Intervention can’t wait. Seconds Count.

Evzio is the first and only intelligent take-home 2 mg naloxone auto-injection system with voice and visual guidance—designed to help caregivers take fast, confident action administering naloxone in an opioid emergency. This campaign uses the emotion of the moment—and the urgency of time depicted as sand slipping away in an hour glass—to appeal to physicians prescribing opioids for pain to have an opioid emergency plan in place for each of their patients and the patients’ families—and to include Evzio as part of that plan.

Agency Team:
Strategic Lead: Lorna Weir
Chief Creative Officer: Barry Schmader
Creative Direction, Art: Tara Powers
Chief Scientific Officer: Kathleen Nelson, PhD

Client Team:
Product Manager, Evzio: Patrick White



Iroko Pharmaceuticals


Our country’s opioid epidemic has sparked a conversation about the risks and consequences of not just opioids but of pain management drugs in general. Part of this conversation involves the class of pain relievers known as NSAIDs, which have a widespread reputation for being “safe” despite a set of risks and consequences well established in medical literature.

High doses of NSAIDs have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events (heart attack and stroke), gastrointestinal complications (ulcers), and kidney problems (acute renal failure). Physicians around the country thus face a dilemma: NSAIDs are universally trusted for their effective pain-relieving capabilities, but their use can be accompanied by potentially serious side effects. So, how are physicians to manage pain responsibly?

The Campaign

Fingerpaint partnered with Iroko Pharmaceuticals to create NSAIDilemma, a website dedicated to educating and promoting awareness among U.S. physicians of the risks and consequences associated with NSAID use. The site functions both as an unbranded content hub for NSAID-related issues as well as a platform for driving consideration of lower NSAID doses as an effective treatment option. The site seeks to accomplish these goals by:

  • Leveraging the perspectives of peer physicians through videos, downloadable white papers, and poll results.
  • Engaging physicians with infographics, timelines, and other interactive content.
  • Re-acquainting physicians with scientific studies on NSAID risks and recommendations by professional medical organizations.
  • Encouraging physicians to join a national conversation on NSAID use through downloadable materials and share functionality.

Account Service: Michelle Petroff, Melissa Chambers, Vira Katolik, Laura Walsh
Strategy: Andy Pyfer, Nick Bartolomeo
Medical: Pat Gannon
Creative: Stephanie McGee, Noah Spring, Bill Healey, Justin Freese, Jesse Hashagen, Steven Leibensperger
Development: Chris O’Brien, Rodrigo Brinski




The Naked Truth Campaign

Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a condition that manifests in a feeling of excruciating pain that lasts long after the rash and blisters of a shingles case have cleared. PHN pain is so significant, it can wreak havoc on patients’ lives, often leaving them in so much pain that they are unable to put clothes on in the morning—the feeling of a shirt or a bra strap is just too agonizing. Meanwhile, standard therapies to treat the condition can be slow-acting and inconsistent while also attended with nasty side effects.

Horizant’s “Naked Truth” campaign depicts this as an evocative human moment that truly illustrates the pain that PHN patients experience while they wait for a slow drug to kick in, or when the effects of one of their treatments wears off before the next dose. Seeing another human being in pain draws each of us into an empathetic relationship with the sufferer. It is this empathy that we hoped to stir in order to raise HCP urgency to treat PHN with Horizant, the fastest-acting remedy possible.

Powerful, evocative visuals work to exemplify this traumatic human experience—the haunting images were used throughout paid media placements and the Horizant website to shatter the illusion that the speed with which current treatments relieve PHN patients’ pain is acceptable.

Agency Team:
Account Director: Danielle Bermensolo
Managing Director, Executive Creative Director: James Talerico
Group Creative Director: Kris LoCascio
Creative Director, Copy: Doug Puchowski
Art Director: Tal Gendelman
Director, Strategy: Simon Beins
Associate Director of Media: Ashley Manzano
Associate Director, Production: Ana Capellan
Producer: Juliana Onieal
Producer: Shamel Schand

Steven Laxton

Client Team:
Senior Director of Marketing: Chris Dillard

Hill Holliday

Hill Holliday


“See Me” Campaign

To help Cosentyx break into a highly competitive marketplace, the “See Me” campaign took a truly personal approach. For people living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, the impact of their disease wasn’t just physical, but emotional as well. But while patients feel isolated and bound by the confines of their condition, they’re also deeply determined to overcome it and reconnect with life. They are tired of being stared at. Tired of being judged. Tired of being defined by their psoriasis. They want the world to embrace them for who they are. They have one simple thing to say: SEE ME.

By using powerful portraits of real patients looking directly at the camera, peering through a graphic SEE ME, they are confronting their friends, family, doctors, and the public—forcing them to stop and acknowledge the depths of their character and the realities of their plight. “See Me” has served as the storytelling anchor in which an endless amount of real feelings and insights from actual patients could be attached, telling an expansive brand story throughout every channel. Through this storytelling approach, the patients’ stories became the Cosentyx story.

Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen
EVP, Group Creative Director – Copy: David Leonardi
SVP, Group Creative Director – Art: Lauren Herman
Associate Creative Director – Copy: Stephany Vince
Senior Art Director: Jarard Isler

VP, Executive Integrated Producer: Karen Gardiner
Senior Integrated Producer: Carissa Marlowe

EVP, Managing Director – Healthcare Practice: Scott Rabschnuk
SVP, Account Director: Joanie Golden
VP, Account Director: Alis Biri
Management Supervisor: Melissa Gen
Associate Digital Producer: Elodie Gauthier

SVP, Group Planning Director: Scott Simpson
Senior Planner: Jessica Lloyd

HYC Health

HYC Health

Roche Diagnostics

Ask What She Thinks

The adoption of longer intervals for screening is fast becoming the norm in HPV screening strategies. Many guidelines give the greenlight to a three- to five-year interval after a negative result. However, what happens if that patient receives a false negative result? That three- to five-year interval turns into a chance for disease to progress. And when it comes to HPV screening tests, they are not all created equal. So, HYC Health was tasked with raising awareness regarding the danger of false negatives and that there is only one test designed to protect women from them—the cobas® HPV Test.

Roche Diagnostics wanted a sales piece that would not just showcase the proof points, but that would personalize the issue. Through the use of icons, charts, and compelling graphics we highlighted the data in a clear and understandable way. And by peppering the piece with images of women of all ages, we brought the danger home. We led the customer to think, “What if my daughter got a false negative?” “What if it were my wife or sister?” Ultimately we brought them to believe: “Use an HPV test with a higher chance of false negatives? Not in my lab!”

Creative Director: Rich Angelini
Writer: Jennifer Fry Devault
Art Director: Peter Chavez

Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions


In My Eyes

The onset of retinal disease can be daunting for patients and their families. Many are confused about their diagnosis, anxious about treatment, and fearful they may lose their vision. They also feel that doctors tend to talk very clinically without fully understanding the daily struggles they face. We recognized that if we could empower patients to better convey what they go through, while at the same time increasing empathy within HCPs, we could foster better communication between the two.

Introducing “In My Eyes”—a fully immersive experience for people to see what life is like with a retinal disease. The app is broken into two sections:

Story Mode: Features three virtual reality videos that put you in the shoes of different retinal disease patients.

Live Mode: Incorporates augmented reality through the phone’s camera system for real-time effects in the user’s immediate surroundings.

We partnered with experts whose work has been featured on Lost, Breaking Bad, and Westworld to build a specialized camera rig and film our 360° scenarios. The app was rolled out to Regeneron’s sales force in early 2017 and is now available in the App Store and Google Play, with a media and PR blitz rolling out throughout the year.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Brent Scholz
Associate Creative Director: Jimmy Lam
Senior Copywriter: Elke Mermis
Senior Interactive Developer: Jason Sifuentes
Director of Product Development: Jacob Shepherd
Account Director: Curtis Corcoran
Account Manager: Katelyn Lesiak

Client Team:
Senior Product Manager, Marketing: Natalie Mancuso



Infinity Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie

Master B

Infinity Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie were preparing to launch duvelisib, a novel delta/gamma inhibitor for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and follicular leukemia (FL). Unlike their approved drugs that inhibit isoforms on the PI3K pathway, duvelisib targeted both delta and gamma. This dual inhibition was believed to attack both the malignant B cell and interrupt its signaling, which recruits normal healthy cells—the tumor microenvironment—to nourish and support the malignancy.

This campaign made its debut at ASCO. Many oncology companies stake their claim with a big footprint. As a smaller biotech player, we needed a more creative way to draw in oncologists.

Enter Master B Cell, a malevolent, manipulative, and completely accurate clinical gateway into the complexities of the relationship between the B cell and tumor microenvironment. Master B invited physicians into the booth and the rich content on the web by combining a powerful metaphor with credible science.

This concept represents the highest bar for an agency to hit—a high-impact visual that resounds on both clinical and emotional levels. We sought to characterize that relationship between the master manipulator B cell and its unwitting environment to get oncologists thinking about the need to address the larger ecosystem supporting the cancer. Original artwork, animation, and interactivity online and at the booth gave this idea tremendous impact. Plus, it exceeded all benchmarks set for launch (clicks, hits, and visits).

Account Director: Megan Kernan
Senior Art Director: Bruce MacIndoe
Senior Art Director: Mike Mancuso
VP, Associate Creative Director: Bruce Nicoll
Content Designer: Mel Rainsberger
SVP, Creative Director: Doug Chapman
Chief Creative Officer: Deborah Lotterman
VP, Medical Services: Kevin Flynn
Senior Medical Director: Mary Beth Murphy
Project Management: Talie Cope




“You need all three”

The embrace® print ads were launching a new campaign for this novel brand from Neodyne, the only preventive scar system of its kind. Unlike messy creams, gels, and static sheeting, embrace® mechanically relieves skin’s natural tension during the healing process. Its patented Stress-Shield™ Technology protects and stabilizes the site, providing uniform tension relief while diminishing visible, thick, raised scars.

The campaign is called “You need all three,” emphasizing the triple-strength action required to help prevent scar formation: 1. Tension relief, to proactively prevent scar formation; 2. Stress- Shield™ Technology, to guard the incision from the effects of normal body movements; and 3. Hydration from medical grade silicone, to flatten, soften, and fade scars.

The creative strategy driving the campaign synthesizes beauty and science (“innovation is beautiful”), complementing the glow of the skin with a warm beige background and accents in gold, and introducing the 1-2-3 visual mnemonic to differentiate and own the science. One version of the ad features the science in circular insets; the alternate gives them even greater prominence in a gilded sidebar. Both executions highlight a demo—a side-by-side comparison of a single scar, with one half treated with silicone only and the other treated with embrace®.

Chief Creative & Science Officer: Edward Nathan, PhD
Creative Director: Brian Phillips
Associate Creative Director: Dan Gleason

Purohit Navigation

Purohit Navigation

Promius Pharma

Sernivo Spray “Coverage” Campaign

Campaign: Sernivo is an effective yet tolerable lotion-like spray that can be used on widespread body areas. We developed a launch campaign focusing on the differentiating factor of Sernivo—the formulation at its core.

Creative process: Our “Coverage” campaign portrays the Sernivo formulation as a pattern of spray on a black background, covering a patient. This visual conveys that Sernivo, unlike other sprays, can be used on widespread plaques. Sophisticated copy conveys that Sernivo takes on a new, original, and unexpected approach to treating psoriasis.

The campaign began with teaser ads to drive general awareness, followed by core tactics including a two-page spread journal ad, a website, banner ads, eBlasts, direct mail, and a sales aid.

Impact: Feedback was extremely positive, with many clients commenting this was the most impressive launch they had ever participated in. The campaign effectively drove awareness of Sernivo and differentiated the product from competing sprays, contributing to its successful launch.

Executive Vice President, Creative: Monica Noce Kanarek
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development: Anshal Purohit
Senior Art Supervisor: Todd Treleven
Senior Copy Supervisor: Mike Minnella
Senior Art Director: Jared Hertzke
Production Artist: Rodrigo Medina
Director, Production Services: SooZie Triplett
Senior Account Executive: Catherine Fiedler
Account Executive: Brandon Foster

STRIKEFORCE Communications

STRIKEFORCE Communications

Gilead Sciences

“Forgotten Virus” Campaign

There’s a virus out there. A virus that’s serious, like HIV, but hasn’t been talked about much. A virus that’s been almost forgotten. It’s Hepatitis C.

One in 30 Baby Boomers has Hep C, yet most don’t even know it. That’s because Hep C can hide in your body silently for years, even decades, without symptoms. And it’s not tested for in routine blood work.

If left untreated, Hep C can cause liver damage, even liver cancer.

Every year, more Americans die from Hep C than HIV.

That’s why the CDC recommends all Boomers get tested for Hep C.

It’s also why STRIKEFORCE and Gilead launched the unforgettable “Forgotten Virus” multichannel DTC disease awareness campaign in October 2016. The effort aims to put Hep C on the radar and encourage

Boomers to get tested for Hep C.

All it takes is a simple one-time blood test.

And if you have Hep C, it can be cured—thanks to Gilead’s portfolio of transformative Hep C treatments.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Svenja Timme-Bastian
Creative Team: Chris Amato, Jennie Fields
Agency Management: Mike Rutstein, Patricia Prugno
Account Team: Aaron Charron, Julia Boley, Kashmira Patel

Client Team:
Andrea Porzio, Marc Cohen, Emily Cosse




The Lucky Ones

Although rare, meningococcal disease can cause death in as few as 24 hours—and two of 10 patients who survive suffer from lifelong consequences of the disease, including amputation of limbs. Those who survive, however, consider themselves lucky.

So, we created The Lucky Ones, an unbranded disease campaign that aims to educate doctors about the importance of vaccinating every patient against meningococcal disease by using two vaccines to fully protect against the five most common serogroups in the United States.

Featuring the powerful-hero image of a young man missing his leg, The Lucky Ones was born out of insights from people who overcame meningococcal disease. These men and women, many of whom have lost limbs or have permanent cognitive difficulties, still consider themselves The Lucky Ones—they survived meningococcal disease. We were inspired by their spirit and relentless commitment to living a full life despite the physical and mental challenges caused by meningococcal disease.

The Lucky Ones campaign reaches doctors across print and digital media, with a suite of eBlasts, banner ads on frequently viewed websites, and leave behinds. All of these tools anchor to a microsite featuring important disease information and videos of patients and caregivers telling their stories about their experience with meningococcal disease.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Rob Crow
Art Director: Kristine Buchan
Copywriters: Shana Wachowski, Dylan Allen
Account Team: Jessica Riebe, Maggie Cribbin

Client Team:
Product Managers: Jorge Fernandez, Meg Hoyt

The Bloc

The Bloc

HAP Innovations


HAP Innovations, a health technologies company, developed a pill dispensing device to assist with adherence in people taking multiple medications.

It had an advantage over competitors—connecting the user with their care network of pharmacist and caregiver. But the market was cluttered.

They needed a name for it and a communications campaign to successfully get it to market.

Recognizing that this target market is generally older, can be lonely, and responds well to emotional cues, we gave it a human name and face.

We called it spencer (with an obvious connection to its functional purpose of being a pill dispenser, the name means bearer of provisions—and is warm, with famous actors of our audience’s generation like Spencer Tracey brought to mind). We also gave it a human face, further reinforcing the emotional connection.

Then we ensured that spencer’s personality and warmth was maintained throughout every point of engagement, including the app, the site, videos, right through to the device itself.

New to market, it is taking off in a big way with individuals and health insurance companies embracing it. Spencer is helping to keep people where they want to be, optimistic and managing their health successfully at home.

Agency Team:
Creative directors: Elizabeth Elfenbein, Sharon Howard-Butler
Creatives: Matt Sherring, Marc Law, Juan-Carlos Padilla
Account management: Chris Panetta, Eugene Green
Print production: Pat Ellison
Video: Craig Kabrhel, Christina Moliterno, Ninaad Kulkarni
Social: Brad Yale

Client Team:
Gayle Tuttle, Tom Rhoads

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