PM360 Presents The 2015 Greatest Creators

PM360’s annual showcase of some of the best creative work from agencies serving the life science industry from the past year. Each agency explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.




Kaletra Patient Journey iPad Application & Videos


Marketing Challenge: In 2013, the Kaletra marketing team conducted market research to gain insights into the lives of HIV+ people. Speaking one-on-one with patients and caregivers helped create a comprehensive look into HIV patients’ experiences from pre-diagnosis through living on treatment. This became a map of a HIV+ person’s journey.

Market research also indicated a desire by patients for their HCP providers to be more empathetic. Patients wanted HCPs to treat them based on individual needs vs. generalizing them by lab results. This presented a shift from short-term needs, which were often treatment based to long-term needs, which required insight and planning.

Creative Strategy: AT recommended bringing the patient journey to life through an iPad application that condensed and simplified the broader patient journey map into six keys areas. The app follows a fictional patient through her journey and is accentuated by videos featuring real HIV+ patients on Kaletra discussing their experiences and emotions.

The creative home page interface was designed as a constellation road map because everyone’s journey is different and can take different paths. People can experience different moments of meaning at different periods of their lives and for distinct periods of time based on experiences and interactions.

CD: Tristen George
ACD-Copy: Josh Shehab
ACD-Art: Leo Kosir
Senior Copy: Orlando Diaz
Senior Art: Sarah Alexander
Senior Art Prod Supervisor: Ellen Locatelli
Art Prod: Erik Thornburg
Digital Producer: Margaret Sowa
Video Producer: Aldo Gagliardi
Video Director: Ky Dickens
Video Production: MK Films
Video & Audio Editing: The Colonie

Artcraft Health

Artcraft Health

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Living with COPD: A Patient and Caregiver Journey


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is emotionally and physically debilitating for both patients and their caregivers. To help support this population and the healthcare providers who serve them, Artcraft Health partnered with Sunovion Pharmaceuticals to develop a custom education campaign that engages physicians and empowers patients and caregivers.

Research shows that currently available educational resources and support are often inadequate to the needs of patients with COPD as well as their caregivers. This campaign focused on delivering support materials tailored to both. The approach consisted of two “patient journey” books. Each book provided supportive information intended to guide caregivers and help them address the increased stress and challenges associated with their loved one’s condition.

In addition, the program included a patient and caregiver’s journey kit along with a guide to COPD and an activity book to enable active communication. Our Custom On-Demand Education Program or CODETM was also used to facilitate rep access and provide a digital solution for physicians. All of these solutions were targeted to facilitate conversations between patient, caregiver and HCP. The goal was to empower the patient and caregiver to ask the questions that would enable them make the best decisions for their healthcare.

Associate Creative Director: Daria Kissenberth
Copywriter: Samantha Reba
Director of Client Services: Liza Fiore
Senior Director Business Development: Mike Viscel






An MRI scan can be tough on kids. It can be too scary or boring for some children to make it through. Siemens, in collaboration with Marvel Custom Comics and Weill Cornell Imaging at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, created a program to educate children about MRI scans and their benefits in a fun and informative way. Together these companies developed a special kit to help children better understand the process and make it a little less scary.

Calcium was charged with developing the name of the program, as well as the overall creative concept to be used across an integrated marketing campaign that included an outdoor advertisement in Times Square and social media. MRIamahero! was developed as the manta and hashtag for the campaign, and the powerful imagery had a big impact in Times Square.

Creative Director: Steve Hamburg
Senior Vice President, Creative, Copy: Altay Akgun
Associate Creative Director, Art: Mick Rogers

Concentric Health Experience

Concentric Health Experience


“Advanced Workhorse”


Creative Strategy: Make Microscopic Magnificent

Making an impact in the world of microscopic medical device technology requires outsized thinking. So rather than focus on the incremental details, we went big, establishing Resolute Onyx as the choice for physicians who demand expertise that matches their own.

The campaign objective was to create a singular and memorable visual that aligned with the requirements of our customers—a trustworthy option for physicians who require perfection with every procedure. In Resolute Onyx, physicians now have a workhorse—of great stature and strength—with a legacy that matches that of Medtronic.

Impact: Global Recognition

Ensuring the campaign visual had global resonance paid off. The “Advanced Workhorse” was launched in the U.S. and across global affiliates to a tremendous response. With sales exceeding expectations, Resolute Onyx is becoming the preeminent choice among physicians who demand excellence in the treatment of coronary artery disease.

EVP, Director of Strategic Integration: Andrew Bast
SVP, Account: Piera Lombardo
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Joe Sacaridiz
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Jesse Damm
Executive Creative Director: Adam Cohen



Novo Nordisk, Inc.

Breaking Down Diabetes Featuring Michael Stevens


Challenge: Type 2 diabetes can be difficult to understand, even for people who’ve been living with it for years. And because it’s a condition that requires so much self-care, understanding diabetes is crucial to being able to effectively manage it.

The Void: “There’s tons of diabetes-related information online, but I’m not motivated to read it. And what I do read is medical speak that goes over my head. Even though I have diabetes, it remains a mystery to me.”

Cult Formation: Breaking Down Diabetes is a six-part web series included in The Diabetes Download. It breaks down the science of diabetes into simple terms people can actually understand, in a format that entertains as it teaches.

People know of diabetes as a medical condition, but it also happens to be a fascinating interaction of hormones and cells occurring within the body. Breaking Down Diabetes teaches people about the condition they live with by stimulating their curiosity with the science of it all.

The series stars everyman scientist and Internet celebrity Michael Stevens, who has a knack for breaking down technical information into simple lingo. He’s used this skill to gain millions of followers with his own educational YouTube channel, Vsauce. To view the web series:

ECD: Joe Jelic
Creative Director/Art: Jason Kirshenblatt
Creative Director/Writer: Saul Katz
Account Supervisor: Helen Dodderidge
Director: Matt Morrison/Gargoyle Films
Producer: Tony Caronia/Gargoyle Films
Executive Producer: Rob Farber/Rogue Producer, Inc.
Asst. Producer: Chris Longobardi/Rogue Producer, Inc.
Editorial: Crew Cuts
Music: Pedro Marques



Cubist Pharmaceuticals

“Battling Resistance” Campaign



The prevalence of Gram-negative bacteria is rising and, as a result of antibiotics losing effectiveness against these dangerous pathogens, the consequences to patients are devastating.


Cubist Pharmaceuticals needed to raise awareness about this issue by sparking a conversation among healthcare professionals through ads, eBlasts and an interactive microsite. The “Battling Resistance” microsite features a scrolling infographic that allows physicians to explore the story at their own pace. The campaign icons—Gram-negative pathogen “troops”—slowly invade the screen as the story progresses at a foreboding pace, helping to convey a sense of urgency. With provocative headlines and dramatic graphic treatments to highlight important statistics, the campaign challenges physicians to examine their own prescribing habits and to ask themselves the critical question: Are we armed to battle resistance?


The microsite gained nearly 2,000 unique visitors within the first six months, and click-through traction more than doubled by the end of a direct-to-physician eBlast series.

Agency Team:
SVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
SVP, Creative Director: John Kemble
VP, Account Director: Tim Anderson
Group Copy Supervisor: Kristin Morris
Art Supervisor: Mike Hawkins
Art Director: Amanda Eutsey
Account Executive: Adewale Adefemi

Client Team:
Director, Marketing: Leena Dalal
Senior Product Manager: Drew Cronin-Fine

HCB Health

HCB Health

HCB Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign


Objective: Colorectal cancer is the third deadliest type of cancer for men. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 136,000 new cases diagnosed this year and over 50,000 deaths from the disease. But over 80% of those deaths could be prevented by early detection with a colonoscopy. The trouble is, a lot of people—men in particular—are squeamish about getting this routine procedure.

Solution: To raise awareness of the benefits of colonoscopies for men in particular, HCB Health developed a guerrilla campaign that put a fun spin on this serious issue, anchored to the tagline: Get Your Manhole Inspected ( Leading up to Father’s Day, we blanketed downtown Austin in magnetic manhole covers featuring iconic designs with copy driving viewers to our custom hashtag: #CheckYourColon. The results? Thousands of potential views with busy downtown foot traffic, over 45,000 potential social media views from our unique hashtag, and more people talking about a great cause that can truly save lives.

Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions

Cubist Pharmaceuticals

The Entereg Effect


In the market for a little more than six years, and originally launched with a purely clinical campaign, Cubist’s Entereg (alvimopan) was looking to make a big impact with their rebranded launch. Spanning a responsive website, iPad apps, conferences, non-personal promotion (digital/print), traditional journal ads and rep-delivered sales material (print), this highly visual and interactive campaign experience communicates just one thing: Entereg improves time to gastrointestinal (GI) recovery after bowel resection surgery. In essence, Entereg works by protecting the GI tract from the effect of opioids used for pain management during surgery without reversing the opioids’ analgesic effect. This keeps the GI tract, and everything in it, in motion.

The elegant analogy of dominoes in the shape of the large intestine immediately resonates with surgeons and strongly communicates this main message. The art is complemented by a completely reimagined messaging platform, segmented per audience. Added to that is the latest efficacy data and the exciting news that Entereg is now also indicated for use in radical cystectomies. All told, these efforts have effectively reinvigorated Cubist’s sales force, engaged surgeons and urologists alike, and prompted significant growth in awareness and sales.

VP, Creative Services: Michelle Ziekert
Assoc. Creative Director: Charley Aldridge
Art Director: Hattie Stearns
Medical Writer: Loren DeVito, PhD
Group Account Director: Scott Bowles
Account Director: Yury Tulchinsky
Senior Account Manager: Ian Hughes

Klick Health

Klick Health

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Zykadia Brand Launch


The campaign creates a strong and immediately recognizable brand presence for Zykadia versus its competitors. The sharp, gritty look speaks to the defiant energy of the patients, who are realistic about their prospects while transitioning to second line therapy—but not yet ready to surrender.

In terms of content, as a second line treatment the discussion of progression was key. Identifying the right time to switch can be a difficult decision for patients, so support content was focused on educating patients and facilitating the transition.

The “I’m Ready to Reignite My Fight” messaging platform is empathetic and defiant. The messaging, stated in first person, emphasizes the patient and not the brand. The imagery focuses on a single defiant person—such as a “Mother, Teacher, Fighter” or “Artist, Husband, Fighter.” Loved ones appear behind the main figure; representing the patient’s fight, not against their cancer, but to extend their remaining time with their loved ones.

Reaction has been very positive from both Novartis and the non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) community.

Lead Medical Editor: Rhoda Dinardo
VP, Creative Director: Elliott Smith
Project Manager: Klayton Kyle
Program Manager: Danny Neiman
VP, Group Account Director: Ari Schaefer
Sr. Account Director: Sarah Selgas
Art Director: Maria Taishidler
Senior User Experience Architect: Julian Lising
Designer: Karen Lui
Medical Editor: Stephanie Ondovcik, PhD
Art Director: Jay Schacher

The Navicor Group

The Navicor Group


“Isn’t it time AML treatment evolves?”


The Navicor Group does more than simply brand and launch oncology products. Looking broadly at the treatment landscape, Navicor encourages dialogue around the unmet need that a product potentially addresses, stimulating anticipation to pave the way for a more meaningful launch.

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a particularly brutal disease for which existing therapies are outdated and not very effective. Navicor developed a Tyrannosaurus rex from blast cells to both symbolize how the disease “devours” patients and remind physicians of the harshness of antiquated AML treatment.

President: Dave Querry
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Rich D’Ginto
SVP, Director of Client Services: Damon Owens
VP, Creative Director: Bruce Nicoll

Ogilvy CommonHealth

Ogilvy CommonHealth

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Betaseron—I Don’t MS Around Campaign



Betaseron was facing increasing competition in the marketplace.  With the introduction of orals, the injectables as a class began responding to defend their brands because they were the “original” form of treatment.


  • Get HCPs and patients to think of Betaseron first when they think about injectables.
  • Position Betaseron as a forward-thinking brand that remains true to its core values.
  • Revitalize Betaseron with a deep dedication to patients and their HCPs.


We revamped and advanced the Betaseron personality to make it feel more exciting, energetic—with a campaign theme that is unique and unforgettable.


Response data is limited as it is still early in the campaign. However, the launch of the new campaign has reinvigorated the sales force. We were extremely gratified when the Betaseron Patient Advisory Board, which viewed the campaign materials beforehand, unanimously declared that we had “nailed it!” Coming from the very patient population the new campaign is attempting to reach, these observations are the ultimate compliment and measure of success.

Agency Team:
SVP Management Supervisor: Robert Velasco
Account Supervisor: Maria Colicchio
Assistant Account Executive: Sarah Rosenblum
VP Creative Director, Art: Sue Cunningham
VP Creative Director, Copy: Allen Reich

Bayer Team:
VP & Global Head, Neurology Business Unit: Klaus Marten
Marketing Director: Scott Mullen
Deputy Director, Neurology Marketing: Jessica Kuzmick
Associate Director: Samiksha Malhotra





With only four months until CE Mark Certification, Palio+Ignite partnered with Hologic on planning and executing a successful global launch of the Aptima HIV-1® Quant Dx assay within the Panther® brand family. Strategy workshops ensued, positioning and messaging followed. Through a global rave, the agency’s creative teams developed global concepts to cover the entire portfolio and to launch the new assay as a sub-brand of Panther. It highlighted the assay launch while carrying through and building upon the Panther brand equity. After concept testing in the U.S. and top five EU markets, a clear winner emerged.

Within the brand architecture of the Panther system, the agency developed an iconic image that personifies the characteristics of the panther while zeroing in on a differentiating trait of the HIV assay: Sensitivity. With a keen sense of sight, the panther as a hunter is intently focused on the HIV-1 virus reflected within the eye. As the competitive space is filled with product-as-hero, patient lifestyle and lab environment imagery, the agency’s bold and distinguishable panther eye gives Aptima virology assays a powerful, provocative voice. The foundational concept will build Panther and Aptima equity for years to come.

Chief Global Creative Officer and Co-founder: Guy Mastrion
Creative Team: Laura Presicci, Neall Currie, Joe Tocci, Kelly Sharp, Raul Garcia
Account Team: Ingrid Dahlin, Brooke Thompson
Producer: Natalie Noble
Insight and Brand Strategy Team: Matthew Howes, Erica Kraus
Design Lab/User Experience Team: Rafael Holguin
Digital Strategy Team: Tyler Marsden, Mitchell Weiss



Emergent BioSolutions

“We Have Your Back”



For patients with a rare blood disorder, we needed to show that Emergent BioSolutions truly understood the challenges they overcame. We also had to express how Emergent would stand strongly behind them with a different kind of solution as they moved ahead with their lives.

Creative Process:

For the Emergent 2015 National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) booth, we created a photo booth activity in which patients wore cool, un-corporate T-shirts that they selected. The shirts featured the words Fierce, Focused, Relentless or Driven to connect with real patient attitudes. After NHF, we used photos of real patients taken at the booth to create the “We Have Your Back” video ( to bring to life Emergent’s dedication to this patient group.


The client felt that the video captured the spirit of Emergent as a different kind of company focused on understanding and fulfilling the needs of patients with a rare blood disorder. Tactical rollout of the video was expanded to include email to patients and presentation by sales representatives.

Creative Director, Art: Mary Rose Rogowski
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Steve Rafferty
Art Director: Gabrielle Fulginiti
VP, Group Account Director: Carolyn Lombardo
Account Supervisor: Brittany Paul

STRIKEFORCE Communications

STRIKEFORCE Communications

Gilead Sciences

Sovaldi® Campaign Print Ad


In 2014, Gilead Sciences tapped STRIKEFORCE to launch Sovaldi, a breakthrough treatment for hepatitis C. Sovaldi represents a total transformation in Hep C, with unprecedented efficacy, a significantly shorter course of treatment and a more favorable profile than previous regimens.

Gilead wanted a campaign that was big and bold that represented the groundbreaking nature of Sovaldi. So STRIKEFORCE went into action and deployed its unique Precision Pairing philosophy, which selectively pairs the right resources with the individual needs of each assignment. The result is a campaign that is bold and breakthrough, using a typographic technique to “own the cure” and deliver on what every Hep C patient aspires to be—Hepatitis Cured.

The campaign helped Sovaldi become one of the most successful drug launches in history—achieving over an estimated eight billion in sales in the first three quarters of 2014.

Creative Director: Amanda Van Doorene
Agency Management: Mike Rutstein, Patricia Prugno
Account Team: Marlene Cookson-Wallace, Kashmira Patel

Sudler & Hennessey

Sudler & Hennessey


Kadcyla Scorpifly Ad


Kadcyla is the first antibody-drug conjugate for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (HER2+ MBC). It is an innovative combination of HER2-targeted therapy and a potent cytotoxic, but—as with all MBC agents—it is not a cure.

Our creative campaign introduced Kadcyla as an entirely novel entity, a new breed of treatment: A hybrid combining the elegance and tolerability of targeted therapy with the power and efficacy of chemotherapy. The key message was that Kadcyla confronts HER2+ MBC with concealed power—represented by the unexpected sting of the scorpion tail. The hybrid butterfly became an icon symbolizing therapy that transcends traditional trade-offs between power and tolerability.

Our client does not share market performance data, but the concept tested well above category norms in uniqueness, stopping power and motivation to prescribe, and fit with strategy.

Art Director: Leanne Budreau, Kent Wilkinson
Copy Writer: Dan Romeo
Creative Director: Megan Robinson
Account: Lauren Livingston, Sean Fenton, Aimee Mosher

The CementBloc

The CementBloc

BioDelivery Sciences International

Bunavail Campaign


In late 2014, BioDelivery Sciences International launched the first product it ever marketed: Bunavail, a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone in a thin, dissolvable film that sticks to the inside of a patient’s cheek and is used for the maintenance treatment of opioid dependency.

Suboxone, a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that is administered under the tongue, dominates the current market for the treatment of opioid dependency. Since Bunavail and Suboxone are the same medication, Bunavail had to find a way to differentiate itself to gain the trust of physicians and patients, and eventually find a place for itself in the market.

We created a campaign that positioned Bunavail as a next-generation treatment—a more modern form of treatment that fits with patients’ everyday activities. We developed a high-tech look and feel and icons to quickly communicate how it’s used.

Bunavail and the campaign launched in late 2014. In that short time, it’s begun to gain market share and is helping people find a way to stop misusing and abusing opioids.

Creative Partner, Copy: Stephanie Berman
Creative Partner, Art: Elizabeth Elfenbein
SVP, Creative Director, Art: Brit Till
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Steve Walsh
VP, Group Copy Director: Richard SanFilippo
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: J.C. Padilla
Associate Creative Director, Digital: Jess Lam
VP, Director, Multimedia: Craig Kabrhel
Senior Art Director: Christian Arichabala
Senior Art Director: Meredith Franklin
Art Director, Digital: Cynthia Lo

Tonic Life Communications

Tonic Life Communications

Teva Respiratory

Know Your Count


More than 25 million Americans are currently living with asthma, a disease of the lungs that causes breathing difficulty. Each year in the U.S., asthma attacks account for nearly two million ER visits, many of which are believed to be a result of empty rescue inhalers. Tonic Life Communications and Teva Respiratory identified a need to educate patients on the importance of knowing their count—tracking the remaining doses in their rescue inhalers with a dose counter.

The team partnered with award-winning singer, actress and asthma patient, Kristin Chenoweth and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to create Know Your Count, a national public service campaign to raise awareness of the seriousness of asthma and to educate patients and caregivers about the importance of using dose counters to keep track of the remaining doses in their rescue inhalers.

The program launched in March 2014 with the distribution of a multimedia press release, educational website ( and a public service announcement (PSA) featuring Kristin. The media activities resulted in nearly 300 million media impressions—exceeding the proposed metrics of 200 million—with more than 31,000 PSA airings, exceeding the projected 2,000, and more than 47,000 website visits.

Agency Team:
President: Maryellen Royle
Vice President: Susan Pyle
Senior Account Supervisor: Celeste Longwell
Account Supervisor: Christy Loringer
Account Executive: Taylor Havlisch

Client Team:
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing: David Downey
Associate Director, Corporate Communications: Michelle Larkin


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