The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

 “Pharmapalooza 5 Posters”




AbelsonTaylor wanted to create highly covetable posters: art that people would want to keep and hang on their walls. Based on this objective, we developed designs that would not only stand out, but also relate directly to the event. Pharmapalooza is a rock ‘n roll event to help hospitalized children. Thus the vision was to take famous moments or activities in rock history and capture them as collectable figurines. The ultimate goal was to create 3D, photo-realistic art: as if we produced and photographed actual figurines.

ECD: Stephen Neale
Associate Creative Director: Rick Conrad
Associate Creative Director: Caren Spigland
Associate Creative Director: Julie Garramone


Cult Health

Novo Nordisk – FlexPen

 “Insulin Delivery My Way.”



Challenge: Despite numerous benefits, many patients were not using FlexPen for insulin delivery, using instead the vial-and-syringe method that had been the only option for decades. With three insulin options available in FlexPen, messaging needed to be specific to the needs of each patient type.

The Void: The vial-and-syringe method is working, so why change?

Cult Formation: “Insulin Delivery My Way.” When patients could envision what a future would look like with FlexPen instead of vial and syringe, the choice became clear. A TV campaign featured real patients telling how FlexPen has impacted their lives. An additional NovoLog FlexPen spot featured real patient and IndyCar Racer, Charlie Kimball, who demonstrated how NovoLog FlexPen fit into his fast-paced life. Within months of its launch, the “Insulin Delivery My Way” campaign has contributed to FlexPen insulin brands enjoying their highest market share in the company’s history. The campaign continued in 2013 with even more patient insight—beginning with the “have to’s” typically associated with diabetes—juxtaposed with the same patients now finding something they “don’t have to do anymore,” thanks to FlexPen.

Group Creative Director/Partner: Daniel Armyn
Group Creative Director/Partner: Joe Jelic
Group Strategy/Partner: Jeff Rothstein
Senior Copywriter: Carly Heims
Senior Account: Helen Dodderidge
Senior Copywriter: Saul Katz
Senior Art Director: Jason Kirshenblatt
Senior Art Director: Omar Padron


Digitas Health


Vimpat—“Go Beyond Okay”




Have you ever had someone ask, “How are you doing?” and answered, “I’m okay,” even though you really weren’t? This insight is key for epilepsy patients suffering from partial-onset seizures. Maybe their “big” seizures are pretty well controlled, so they tell their physicians they’re okay. But in reality, they could be having many partial seizures throughout the year.

Our campaign for Vimpat challenges patients to stop settling for seizure control that is just “okay.” Our goals are to disrupt the mindset of “this is as good as it’s going to get” and brand “okay” as a four-letter word.

A bold message needs a bold voice. We feature real, determined people who are living with epilepsy and refusing to settle for “okay.” Iconic images from renowned portrait photographer Martin Schoeller are plastered across websites, Facebook, print and more.

In the end, we’re empowering patients to speak with their doctors more openly about what’s really going on in their lives, and to reach higher to achieve a new personal best level of seizure control. Today, more and more people are starting to say “I’m better than okay”—and mean it.

Digitas Health:
Relationship Lead: James Pietz
Creative Director: Steve DiMeo
Creative Director: Buzz Miller
Art Director: Allison Narofsky
Writer: Brendan Kelly
Vice President, Marketing: Katherine Shaughnessy
Director, Marketing: Emily Hosage
Manager, Marketing: Lauren Rozanski
Sr. VP, Group Creative Director: Lance Paull
Vice President, Brand Planning: Cara Levinson

Associate Product Director: Chemelle Evans


Draftfcb Healthcare

 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)

 “Escape the Stall”





Sufferers of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (also known as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD) suffer in another way: in silence. More than a million Americans suffer from the debilitating pain and constant disruptions of IBD, and millions more feel the impact. Yet despite the embarrassment and emotional and physical disruption, awareness remains low and most people suffer without talking about it. The mission: Bring attention to this condition and spark support for CCFA’s unwavering commitment to help.


The campaign centers on a simple and relatable premise: someone you know bears the emotional and physical burdens of IBD. Alone. Often behind closed (bathroom) doors. Featuring the feet of diverse people brings the issue to life. Amy Brenneman, a former victim and proud supporter of CCFA, stepped out of the stall herself to give IBD a voice.

CEO/President: Dana Maiman
Chief Creative Officer: Rich Levy
Creative Director: Mike Devlin
Copy: Nancy Horowitz, ACD; Heather Irvine, Senior Copy Writer; Matt Conte, Copywriter; Brian Kalina, ACD
Art: Matt Silver, ACD, Jeff Giermek, ACD; Mia Feitel, Art Director; Ashleigh Nankivell, Senior Art Director; Jay Rivera, Junior Art Director
TV Director: Steve Chase
TV Cinematographer: Russell Carpenter
Editor: Damien Massingham
Print Photographer: Dan Escobar
Agency Producer, Broadcast: Ida Lew
Agency Producer, Print: Arleen D’Amico
Agency Account/Strategy Team: Ellen Yuen, Robin Coachman, Tanya White
CCFA Team: Rick Geswell, John Crosson, Erin Stoeber



Nicox Ophthalmic Diagnostics

AdenoPlus “Decode the Red Eye”

Eye care professionals have limited tools for diagnosing acute conjunctivitis. Lab tests are available, but are inconvenient due to the time required to get results and the fast-spreading nature of the condition. Most eye care professionals are confident in their diagnoses based on clinical signs and symptoms in addition to a patient history evaluation. Studies have shown, however, that the rate of misdiagnosis for adenovirus is approximately 50% among eye care professionals.

AdenoPlus is the first in-office immunoassay that aids in the rapid differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis by identifying the presence of adenovirus. It is highly sensitive and highly specific, making the test more accurate than an empirical diagnosis. For AdenoPlus to be successful, it was necessary to shift the paradigm among eye care professionals away from diagnosing empirically. The campaign execution included resources for education and awareness, a suggested red eye management protocol and differentiating visuals. AdenoPlus sales have had a positive uptake in 2013, reaching 20% over forecast in the four months after the launch.

Creative Director, Copy: Laurie Bartolomeo
Creative Director, Art: John Kemble
VP, Account Director: Scott Harper
Copywriter: Marielle Albanese
Associate Art Director: Paul Wesemann
Account Executive: Kimberly Cosenza
Marketing Manager: Jason Menzo


Alimera Sciences – ILUVIEN®

 “ILUVIEN Branding and International Product Launch”



With the prevalence of diabetes on the rise around the globe, Alimera Sciences, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the research, development and commercialization of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals for the treatment of retinal disease, developed ILUVIEN, the first sustained-release pharmaceutical product for the treatment of chronic diabetic macular oedema (DMO) considered insufficiently responsive to available therapies.

Fingerpaint partnered early in the product development process to create branding that aligned strongly with the key benefit of ILUVIEN—the potential to provide up to 36 months of improved visual acuity from a single micro implant. The resulting concept, 36:1, conveyed the product’s competitive benefit in a way that was easily applicable across the seven European countries for which national licenses for marketing authorization were applied. ILUVIEN has launched in Germany and the United Kingdom and is scheduled to launch in France and Italy within the year.

Fingerpaint created multiple deliverables ranging from internally focused prelaunch product training materials, including country-specific interactive iPad sales presentation applications, to direct-to-target-audience materials, including language-appropriate websites for each approved country. Additionally, Fingerpaint refreshed Alimera Science’s corporate brochure, both copy and design, to strengthen their commitment to treating retinal diseases worldwide.

Client/Senior Product Manager: Jim Harris, Anne-Marie Swift
Account Service: Sharon Borgos
Account Service: Brianne Planko
Creative: Jaime Butler-Binley
Designers: Dave Lindberg, Will Crain
Copywriter: Erica Henkel-Karras
Medical Strategist: Kim Irish
Editorial: Cathy Cotten
Interactive Strategist: Stephanie Brown
Interactive: Steve Wilcox
Web Developer: Beau Watson
iOS Developer: Bryan O’Malley
Project Management: Donna McCarthy
Production: Donna Lama/Gwen Ivins



Medivation/Astellas US— Xtandi (enzalutamide)

 “18.4 AND…”



Campaign Objective

The Xtandi professional campaign was developed to introduce healthcare providers to Xtandi as the newest agent approved for the treatment of metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) post-docetaxel. For the first time in this patient population, oncologists and urologists had an ally that could deliver unprecedented, clinically proven evidence of increased overall survival with convenient once-daily dosing and an excellent safety and tolerability profile.

Purposely designed to look completely different from any competitor in the field, the Xtandi professional campaign had the stopping power and recall that heralded the arrival of a revolutionary treatment option for mCRPC patients.

Creative Strategy

The Xtandi core promotional launch campaign communicates the total suite of brand benefits through the “18.4 AND…” concept. The visual prominence of the 18.4-month overall survival data serves to establish the treatment’s unsurpassed efficacy, while the incorporation of everyday activities (like sharing a cup of coffee and muffin with a loved one) simultaneously evokes the concept of providing more meaningful time to the patients who suffer from mCRPC. The coupling of the “AND…” further allows for a communication platform to serve dosing, administration, safety and tolerability benefits.

Creative Directors: Steven Gold and Stephen Mullens
Creative Director, Art: Michele Adams
Creative Director, Copy: Annie Miller
Associate Creative Director, Art: Matt Shih
Client Services Director: Paul Hagopian
Management Supervisor: Andrew Dunning



Stryker Corporation

“Stryker GetAroundKnee Print Campaign”

f5_GSWHow do you educate patients (aged 45–75) about knee replacement in general, and drive demand for a specific product at the same time? As part of a larger initiative to achieve those objectives, we created three consumer print ads featuring images from an associated television campaign that communicated the key functional benefit of the GetAroundKnee—the “round” knee system that restores the knee’s naturally circular motion. The ads drove patients to a website where they could learn more and find a surgeon. To date, the campaign has delivered tens of thousands of visitors to the site, and has increased sales in each passing quarter.

Executive Creative Director: Dave Sonderman
Group Creative Director: Katie Beller
Creative Director: Tom Leach
Associate Creative Director: Eric Davis
Group Account Director: Johan Ferreira
Senior Planner: Alex Bragg
Senior Copywriter: Pam Janco
Senior Art Director: Mark Thompson
VP, Account Director: Pat Smith
Senior Account Executive: Dan Caron


H4B Chelsea




Marketing Challenge

Patients often overwear contact lenses beyond their prescribed time limit, sometimes sleeping in them for days or weeks at a time. These patients don’t tell their eye doctors about this habit, or downplay it, because they don’t think they would get anything from their doctor other than a lecture. Eye care professionals (ECPs) don’t encourage patients to sleep in their lenses, but when confronted with a patient who does, they will switch the patient’s lenses for a more suitable option, often Air Optix Night & Day Aqua.

Campaign Objective

Get patients to talk to their ECP about their sleeping habits and request Air Optix Night & Day Aqua.

Creative Strategy

Help consumers understand that there is no shame in sleeping in contacts—there is a lens out there that matches your needs and your ECP is there too.

Creative Team:
CCO: Christian Bauman
ECD: Sung Rno
ECD: Julian Molesso
ACD: Gabe Capone
AD: Joe Catena
Copy: Victoria Klaynman

Account Team:
Andrea Conigliaro
Shawnessy Dusseau
Pauline Tastenhoye

Production Team:
Zully Ortiz
Lou Duarte


Harrison and Star

Bausch + Lomb

Bepreve “Calm The Itch” Campaign


Problem: The allergic conjunctivitis marketplace is crowded with multiple over-the-counter and prescription options. Bepreve needed to stand out in the crowd, with a strong campaign that would be attention getting, differentiating and memorable.

Solution: The “itchy eyeball” created for the Bepreve campaign spoke directly to the problem eye-care professionals see every day—patients distracted by the maddening itch of allergic conjunctivitis. While the graphic highlighted the problem, the headline offered the promise of “power to calm the itch.”

Impact: In a category filled with images of allergens such as flowers, grass, kittens and mold, the image of an itchy eyeball scratching itself with tiny little hands proved arresting and iconic. The campaign launched in January 2013 and has received enthusiastic feedback from customers and the sales team.

Creative Director: Robin Tzannes
Art: Brian Keys, Alex Fishgoyt, Bill Whitehurst
Copy: Robin Kerner


Klick Health

Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 “Turn to Help”


TurnToHelp.com is an educational website created to help educate the public about opioid dependence—specifically, what opioids are, how they can affect the brain, risk factors for developing opioid dependence and how dependence can begin. The website was designed to deliver information and resources to help empower people to take action and possibly get treatment by helping them recognize the signs of opioid dependence and learn about the various treatment options available to start the recovery process. Included is a brief, 10-question screening test to assess risk of opioid dependence. Additionally, a doctor locator tool is available on the website to help people find a local physician who treats and understands opioid dependence. In partnership with a healthcare professional, patients can determine the best treatment option for them and work towards a life free of dependence.

Klick Health:
Associate Creative Director: Marc Genesee
Senior Web Developer: Mark Donaldson
Information Architect: Julian Lising
Group Account Director: Rennie Renelt
Program Director: Darrell deBoer

Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.:
Marketing Director, North America: Debby Betz
Brand Manager: Patti Weston



Meda Pharmaceuticals

“PreferaOB Campaign”



Meda Pharmaceuticals is in the prescription prenatal vitamin marketplace. It’s very crowded, and, in the mind of the healthcare provider, there is little that differentiates the brands. Recommendations and prescriptions rest almost solely on what mom can tolerate and which sales representative most recently refilled the sample closet. We needed to differentiate the PreferaOB family of prenatal vitamins.

Research revealed a glaring white space: The opportunity to leverage the brand’s clear benefits and position PreferaOB as a family of prenatal vitamins for real-life pregnancies. While all moms are looking for the very best nutritional profile for their growing babies, they also struggle with the all-too-common side effects of pregnancy, which can actually be exacerbated by prenatal vitamins: Constipation, nausea and fatigue. We employed nursery imagery (with a twist) to concretely convey the advantages of PreferaOB.

Account Supervisor: Danielle Stern
Senior Copywriter: George Recine
ACD, Art: Chris Pinkham
SVP, Creative Director: Eric Levreault


McCann Regan Campbell Ward

Daiichi Sankyo

 “Daiichi Sankyo Corporate Campaign”

A global campaign was developed to raise awareness of Daiichi Sankyo as “Joining the Fight” in Oncology through a campaign that brings a new vision to the oncology community. The campaign is supported by a robust pipeline of targeted agents, strategic engagements and partnerships. The campaign was used in journals and at oncology conferences. It is targeted to oncologists, oncology nurses, scientific and clinical researchers and patient advocacy. The campaign features images of pathology/disease along with aspirational quotes from visionaries.

Creative Director: Brendan Ward
Group Copy Supervisor: Jonathan Wood
Group Art Supervisor: John Goody
VP Senior Strategist: Rachelle Mudrinich
VP Director of Science: Ujwal Pyati




McCann Torre Lazur

Teva Pharmaceuticals

“The Neurodegeneration Gap Touchless Screen”



Marketing Challenge:

To help healthcare professionals who treat multiple sclerosis (MS) to look beyond the classical view of MS pathology.

Campaign Objective:

In the crowded MS marketplace—and at a significant event such as the 2012 Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS)—it was important to have an interesting, memorable and interactive component to draw participants to the Teva Neuroscience booth and educate them on the other mechanisms that contribute to neurodegeneration and the accumulation of disability—outside the inflammation cascade.

Creative Strategy:

Using Kinect motion-sensing technology, MTL created an interactive display that allowed attendees to virtually climb down into the “Neurodegeneration Gap,” a neuron shaped chasm that represents the gap in our knowledge of the pathology of MS. Using simple gestures and movements, the user could dig up hidden facts and explore the deeper undercurrents of MS.


The touchless screen created a buzz on the convention floor, attracting numerous visitors to the Teva booth. Conference attendees were not the only ones to notice the Neurodegeneration Gap. The touchless screen was selected as a Webby Award Honoree out of 11,000 entries from over 65 countries, putting it among the ranks of Tumblr, Mashable, Angry Birds and Tom Hanks.

VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Deb Feath
Sr. Art Director: Anthony Baik
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Joe Brown
VP, Management Supervisor: Kathleen Mallanda
Account Group Supervisor: Brea Kelleher
VP, Director Digital Production Services: Scott Sisti
User Experience Architect: Jai Brinkofski
Software Architect: Lukasz Zalewski
VP, Digital Associate Creative Director: Garrett Jones
VFX, Animation Specialist: Patrick Johnson
Chief Creative Officer: Marcia Goddard


Mc|K Healthcare

UCB Group

Neupro Restless Legs Syndrome Ads”



Neupro was reintroduced to the U.S. in 2012 with a new indication for restless legs syndrome (RLS), but breaking into the market proved daunting. Faced with the challenge of physician indifference to RLS treatment options, we developed a creative approach that literally “reframed” the patient experience.

The campaign consisted of benign, familiar images—a bed, airplane seats, an office chair—framed to reflect how these everyday settings can become torturous to a person with RLS. The creepy, ghoulish frames were peppered with discomfort: cobwebs, chains, crawling bugs or nails were used with such titles as “Torment” and “Worst Nightmare.” The simple headline, “An RLS-centric view of the world,” ties the concept together and reinforces the impact RLS has 24 hours a day.

Creative Team:
Executive Creative Director: Rich Angelini
Associate Creative Director: Kelly Lucini
Copy Supervisor: Ellen Ross
Photographer: Jack Richmond
Photo Illustrator: James Eves

Account Team:
Group Account Director: Kathryn Hartz

Client Team:
Associate Director of Marketing: Jason Joseph



Seattle Genetics – Adcetris

“Bringing Response to Life”


Historically, Hodgkin lymphoma has been the success story of cancer treatment, with as many as 70% to 80% of patients cured. For the patients whom this outcome eludes, however, options have been bleak—until the approval of Adcetris. A novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that delivers unprecedented overall response rates in these heavily pretreated patients, Adcetris is renewing the optimism associated with patients who are cured by either frontline therapy or transplant.

The conceptual idea behind the brand campaign for Adcetris is best captured in the phrase “bringing response to life.” Because Adcetris delivered response rates that physicians had not seen before in advanced-stage patients, our campaign leveraged the science of computed tomography (CT) scans used to stage the disease and, thereafter, to assess response to therapy. We brought response to life by depicting patients experiencing the powerful response that Adcetris can provide, which allows them to live their daily lives. The campaign imagery represents a perfect synthesis of effectiveness and tolerability, keeping the disease at bay while minimizing debilitating side effects—a combination that fulfills the brand’s promise of exceeding expectations.

EVP, Managing Director: Dave Querry
SVP, Creative Director: Marvin Bowe III
SVP, Creative Director: Rich D’Ginto
Account Director: Julie Deel
Art Directors: Jamie Bowers, Susan Albert
Copywriter: Bruce Nicoll
Editor: Brieanna Wilkoff
Account Executive: Karen Sanford
Process Manager: Don Davis
Production Manager: Kathryn Strausser
Illustrator: Bob Lambiase


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