The Crisis of Communication Between Patient and Doctor

How Pharma Marketers Can Capitalize on Changing Roles & Expectations


Dawn Lacallade, Chief of Social Strategy, VP, Healthcare, LiveWorld

Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy, HCP, LiveWorld

Consumers are becoming more responsible and engaged in their healthcare journey as patients turn to others who have the same health conditions; with increasing interest in connecting with and learning from each other. And with the Internet’s distribution of knowledge, especially with rare conditions, patients can know more than their doctors. Patient learning of alternative treatments has gone mainstream through online conversations.

Accelerated by the pandemic, peer-to-peer medical conversations provides an opportunity for pharma brands to drive deeper, more influential engagement. Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Dawn Lacallade and Danny Flamberg to learn how to:

  • Communicate with patients in their own language
  • Build trust and inspire action by leveraging the age-old need to connect
  • Tap into the value of patient-to-patient conversations
  • Extract the value of influencer programs
  • Create marketing programs built to be amplified

About Dawn Lacallade

Dawn works with clients to develop innovative, tailored social media strategies that connect and engage patients, caregivers and HCPs to deliver patient value and business results. Her extensive healthcare and pharma experience enables her to direct a specialized team focused on creating and implementing social initiatives and the services that enable success, such as community management, audience intelligence, and the content & monitoring required for compliant social programs.


About Danny Flamberg

Danny Flamberg oversees LiveWorld’s Healthcare Provider (HCP) practice helping clients develop marketing strategies for pharmaceutical and life science brands. Danny earned an A.B., an M.A. and a Ph.D. in econometrics at Columbia University.