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Virtual Anatomy: Ulcerative Colitis

While still in its infancy, the Metaverse and Web3 are front and center on the minds of digital consumers and brands today, waiting to see what this future digital world will look like. Healthcare is no exception, and in some cases, it is leading the charge.

Virtual Anatomy: Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is Sharecare’s groundbreaking, first-to-pharma, immersive Metaverse-like experience. It is an Avatar-guided journey through the colon with UC, preparing users for the next iteration of digital health in Web3. With a full-screen format, consumers are guided by “Kimberly,” soaring through the colon like never seen before. Kimberly educates users on the well-oiled machinery and the ecosystem of cells that make up a healthy colon, to the pain and suffering brought on by an UC flare-up, and ultimately, how the colon lining can repair itself with the right treatment.

In recent user surveys, 70% of respondents felt the innovation had better prepared them to meet with their doctors, and 78% made an appointment with their doctor after engaging with Sharecare’s 3D medical animation. In addition to UC, Sharecare has also added condition-specific and interactive virtual education for Psoriasis and Crohn’s disease in 2023.