PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase 2023 Selection Inhance Digital and ET Global

Inhance Digital and ET Global

AstraZeneca and Amgen

TSLP Asthma Interactive Learning Experience

AstraZeneca and Amgen are developing a new therapy for asthma. The treatment blocks a protein called TSLP, which is part of the cytokine family and triggers inflammation. To share new information about TSLP with HCPs, AstraZeneca needed to create an engaging website experience. The aim was to create an unbranded, easy-to-understand experience for visitors to learn about the science behind late-stage asthma.

Inhance worked closely with partner agencies and deployed its virtual exhibit and event platform (VEEP) to build a virtual “detective” office. Visitors can use real-time 3D web technology to interact with immune system cells (portrayed as “suspects”) and learn about the science behind TSLP through a gamified, metaverse experience.

Visitors can search and discover clues, gather information, download clinical data, and explore graphics to learn about the potential therapy. In addition, key opinion leader (KOL) presentations were integrated into this virtual site and built-in metrics provide insights into visitor engagement.


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