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Monumental Moments – The Hug

Monumental Moments, an online community launched by Neurocrine Biosciences with Spectrum Science in 2020 to offer hope, support, and connection to the mental health community during the pandemic, evolved in 2021 as the world started to reopen. Physical human connection, especially hugs, were what people missed the most during quarantines.

To underscore the importance of connection, Neurocrine collaborated with artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to create Monumental Moments – The Hug, a sculpture inspired by the resilience of the community and #MonumentalMoments social posts highlighting how people have prioritized their mental health during the pandemic. The 10-foot-tall, 500-pound bronze sculpture depicts people in an embrace, with a green ribbon woven throughout representing continued mental health awareness.

Rodriguez-Gerada and Me2/Orchestra, the world’s only classical music organization created for individuals living with mental illness and those who support them, revealed the sculpture during Mental Illness Awareness Week at New York’s iconic Lincoln Center.


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