Virtual Condition Assistant

Surveys estimate that 92% of consumers use an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant (such as Alexa or Siri) every day to search for information. As AI assistants become more integrated in homes and the consumer experience, Sharecare was inspired to create a virtual condition assistant to connect and engage chronic condition patients and drive action with support from its brand partners.

“Jessica” is a patient avatar that guides users through an interactive condition management experience and provides support along the way. The avatar’s authentic, approachable, and conversational tone and the rich content it curates empower patients to take action, helping them navigate the complex journey of treating and living with chronic illness. The avatar’s attributes can be changed to align with target audience’s patient personas, and its guidance leads them to personalized content unique to their individual journey to facilitate productive doctor discussions and improve quality of life.

After six months ideating and developing the Virtual Assistant experience, Sharecare launched their first live version for MS in January 2022 through partner collaboration. Already, the team is seeing encouraging engagement with the tool and expects this strategic creation will continue to increase adherence, compliance, and positive health behavioral change.


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