Intouch Group

The Chrysalis Initiative

“Erase the Line”

Approximately 12.9% of women will get diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Although Black women get breast cancer at a slightly lower incidence rate (3%) than white women, they are 42% more likely to face mortality from cancer.

To support breast cancer patients, and build awareness about inequities Black women face when seeking care for breast cancer, Intouch teamed up with cancer survivor and founder of the Chrysalis Initiative, Jamil Rivers, to launch the world’s first digital platform designed specifically for Black women by Black women. The platform provides women with the tools to identify what cancer support they should be getting, choose hospitals that are successfully providing equal care to Black women, and rate the cancer care they’re receiving.

“I shared the creative with a couple women of color who are breast cancer survivors,” said Intouch’s Senior Director of Integrative Production British Randle. “They felt a sense of brightness that this matter is being addressed—that there is a collective out there that cares.”


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