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“Hemoglobin Rising” U.S. HCP Launch Campaign

The “Hemoglobin Rising” campaign showcases the impressive efficacy of Accrufer (ferric maltol), a game-changing prescription oral iron for iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.

The novel MOA of Accrufer sets it apart from other oral irons, which are notoriously hard on the digestive system. During concepting, the team drew parallels between mythical creatures and Accrufer’s unique efficacy/tolerability profile.

The arresting 3D artwork image of an iron phoenix rising out of red blood cells symbolizes the elevation of hemoglobin levels. “Discover the legend of tolerable oral iron” speaks to the brand’s unique formulation, which provides proven efficacy with demonstrated tolerability. The alternate campaign image for women’s health depicts an iron mermaid rising from the ocean depths while elevating red blood cells.

The campaign’s stopping power resulted in a media performance click-through rate that exceeded industry benchmarks and helped drive high brand awareness throughout the launch efforts.