Confideo Labs

Boehringer Ingelheim


In recent months, the need to creatively leverage progressive new media to redefine clinical storytelling has become more prominent than ever. Efficient and effective personal and non-personal promotion to drive education, awareness, and understanding has been pivotal. To that end, the creative and strategic deployment of immersive multimedia is helping brands distinguish and bolster engagement, specifically for HCPs who are undoubtedly highly visual learners.

Confideo has been a pioneer of immersive healthcare media, and in the past few years the company has commercialized the use of volumetric video capture to deploy fully 3D holographic portrayals of clinicians via augmented reality. For OFEV, this specialized technique was paired with animated interactive digital media, such as charts, graphs, 3D medical imagery and scans to bring key data and vital visual materials to life. The result is an incredibly vibrant program that captures the attention of HCPs, improving retention and engagement.


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