PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase 2022 Selection Condé Nast Health and Publicis Health Media

Condé Nast Health and Publicis Health Media


A New Normal with MS

Tysabri needed a way to break through a highly saturated multiple sclerosis (MS) market using authenticity. Working in lockstep with PHM and Biogen, Condé Nast Health leveraged its patient insights, coupled with the editorial foresight of SELF and Glamour to develop highly honest, engaging influencer-led content reaching MS patients across platforms.

Glamour produced a video starring former Air Force Special Agent Sylvia Longmire, who was diagnosed with MS while serving her country. Sylvia shares how she transformed her life from Special Agent to globetrotting blogger, documenting her experience traveling the world in a wheelchair. Her optimistic attitude demonstrates an opportunity for patients to shed the embarrassment and shame some patients feel while struggling with MS.

Meanwhile, SELF cast actress Rachel Miner not only because she was a Tysabri patient, but also because she was relatable with a rich life full of goals and aspirations. Her positive outlook came through the lens and aligned with SELF’s core brand values of inclusivity, accuracy, autonomy and empathy.


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