Area 23, an FCB Health Network Company

Horizon Therapeutics

“It’s Time”

People with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) believe they’re sentenced to an unavoidable future of painful and potentially permanent eye damage and/or disfigurement. As the first therapy in the category, we needed to convince patients to take action so they could reverse the seemingly inevitable effects of the disease.

People with TED experience a wide variety of symptoms and feel uniquely isolated. We discovered they are significantly more likely to take action when they see and hear their specific symptoms addressed. This led to a visually arresting and relatable campaign depicting six different TED symptoms. We put the eye front and center in a bold, bright, and dramatized way to get a visceral reaction from TED patients—without showing the horrific disfigurements of the disease—and compel them to make a vision-altering decision.

In spite of TED being a rare condition, within one month the campaign drove nearly 103,000 unique visitors to the vanity URL used in the ad, Visitors to the website converted to key actions at a high rate, directly affecting the overall sales numbers for TEPEZZA and helping the brand to achieve 2020 net sales exceeding $800M, more than 10x original projections.

Area 23 Team:
Tim Hawkey, CCO
Jason Graff, EVP, GCD
David Adler, SVP, GCD
Larry Kirschner, VP, CD
Guy Mannshardt, VP, CD
Jack Hogan, Executive Producer
William Banyard, VP, Account Director
Juliette Marjieh, Integrated Producer
Renee Mellas, President
Latifa Alladina, EVP, Executive Director
Nicole Lazar, SVP, Management Director
Ryan Sheridan, Account Director
Richard Sharp, ACD
Pat Carella, VP, ACD

Horizon Therapeutics Team:
Libby Wlochowicz, Director, Consumer & Multi-Channel Marketing


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