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H. pylori & Gastric Cancer Risks

In preparation for the launch of a new therapy containing an antibiotic not traditionally used to treat H. pylori infection, this unbranded prelaunch campaign had three objectives: 1) Inform and educate PCPs and gastroenterologists on the link between gastric cancer and H. pylori (the #1 risk factor for the development of non-cardia gastric cancer). 2) Raise the awareness of the growing resistance of H. pylori to clarithromycin, one of the antibiotics currently used in regimens to treat H. pylori infection. 3) Raise awareness that the American College of Gastroenterology guideline for H. pylori actually recommends against using clarithromycin in many cases—a fact that market research demonstrated was not widely known.

To grab the viewer’s attention, the creative utilized a brightly colored representation of an actual H. pylori organism (recognized by most physicians) against a dark, ominous background and accompanied by a series of stark infographic facts on gastric cancer and resistance to clarithromycin to drive home the key objectives. The campaign included a sales force flashcard, professional print, digital banners, and eBlasts targeted to high prescribers of current H. pylori therapies leading them to a web splash page reinforcing the intended messaging.

Agency Team:

Mark Perlotto, President/Strategy
Brian Allex, Creative Director
Erynn Mozier, Art Director
Chris Crane, Copywriter
Dilys Burke, Copywriter
Catherine Martin, Account Management

Illustration: We Monsters


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