Trapped by BED

Binge eating disorder (BED) was recently recognized as a distinct disorder, and awareness is low. Studies show that less than 10% of patients receive a diagnosis. The Dudnyk team was tasked with creating an educational campaign that will provoke empathy so that psychiatrists will act to identify and diagnose the disease, as well as to help establish BED as a real medical condition that patients cannot overcome alone.

The campaign features a dramatic scenario that depicts the impact of BED on a patient’s life.  The patient is shown in an empty burger box, and her distress is evident.  The headline points out that the disorder consumes her.

This multichannel initiative included print ads and digital tactics that drove viewers to BurdenOfBED.com, a custom website that offers education and resources for healthcare professionals, and that resulted in around 17,000 recorded visits. In research, this campaign resonated universally with physicians and patients.

For psychiatric conferences, a booth was created, including a virtual reality experience that offers physicians the chance to see BED through the patient’s eyes, and an interactive quiz. At the Psych Congress Conference in October 2019, the booth was popular with attendees.

Agency Team:

Laurie Bartolomeo, EVP, Creative Director
John Kemble, EVP, Creative Producer
Kristin Morris, VP, Creative Director
Mike Hawkins, Associate Creative Director, Art
Colleen Swift, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Cliff Kearns, Associate Creative Director, Art
Heather Kolesa, Art Supervisor
Kelly Myers, Junior Copywriter
Amy Diehl, VP, Group Account Director
Jennifer Peters, Account Supervisor

Client Team:

Khurrum Ahmad, Director, Psychiatry Marketing
Amy McCann, PhD, Associate Director, Psychiatry Multichannel Marketing
Laura Gately, Psychiatry Marketing


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