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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is a condition causing decreased sex drive that impacts 1 in 10 women in the U.S., according to The Society for Women’s Health Research. It is one of the most common female sexual health complaints, and one that many women felt too ashamed to address.

In 2019, Condé Nast partnered with Vyleesi to amplify their disease awareness campaign (prior to the drug’s release) to educate women on HSDD and reduce stigma. The campaign included an event to bring women together for a sensory experience, to explore desire and learn about HSDD. Speakers included Ilana Glazer (“Broad City”), Phoebe Robinson (“2 Dope Queens”), comics Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle (Hulu’s “PEN15”), Gillian Jacobs (Netflix’s “Love”), ob-gyn Lyndsey Harper, sexologist Shan Boodram, Oscar-winning producer Melissa Burton, and entrepreneur Estrella Jaramillo—all of whom reached a wider audience via social media.

The campaign included a series of “To Be Honest” custom videos featuring carefully casted talent openly talking about their experiences with HSDD. It was a huge success, generating awareness and driving discussion. Of those exposed to the digital campaign, 94% said they believe HSDD is a real medical condition and 83% reported they would discuss HSDD with their doctor.

Condé Nast Health Team (Publisher):

Laurie Nunziata, Account Director
Melissa Consorte, VP Sales
Debra Harris, VP Marketing
Carlos Pena, Executive Director, Activation and Product
Dana Kravis, Executive Producer, Branded Content
Kayla Billings, Senior Strategy Manager

imre Health Team (Creative Agency):

Yueh Fang Feng, Creative Director
Emily Giegerich, Group Account Director
Christina Pandolfi, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Robin Sacawa, Senior Program Director
Liz Hess, Strategy Manager
Robin Sacawa, Sr. Program Director

HealixGlobal Team (Media Agency):

Jordan Brensilber, Supervisor, Media Planning
Chris Dino, Director, Media Planning
Rebecca Peretz, Communications Designer
Elisabeth Stuart, VP, Media Director

AMAG Pharmaceuticals Team:

Molly Martin, Director Vyleesi Consumer Marketing
Blake Schiller, Executive Director Vyleesi Marketing
Silvio Silva, Senior Product Manager, Vyleesi Consumer Marketing


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