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B in the Know

Hemophilia B treatment has come a long way in the past 10 years, yet many accept an outdated set of standards where hemophilia gets in the way of everyday life. Patients often deem their condition “under control” despite breakthrough bleeds or the burden of frequent IV infusions. As a result, they don’t seek out the best product and instead report that all is well to their physicians.

The “B in the Know” disease-state campaign is designed to stop patients and caregivers in their tracks and pique their interest with arresting visuals that highlight lesser-known statistics, compelling them to question how well managed their condition really is.

The core microsite was designed to drive key actions via customized education—patients assess their level of control by creating a personalized three-step hemophilia B profile, which can be used face-to-face with their doctor to inquire about advancements in treatment and better options, like Idelvion. The multichannel communication ecosystem includes non-personal digital drivers as well as email and Facebook retargeting efforts.

B in the Know has been quite successful in reaching these patients. In the first six months, the B in the Know microsite successfully engaged 457 high-value actions, equivalent to 10% of the total patient population. As of today, almost all patients who engaged with the profile tool completed the three-step process and nearly half of those patients downloaded the profile to share with their physician. Building on this success, a live event component is in the works for the near future!

Agency Team:

Bradley Graetz, SVP Creative Director
Erich Voigt, Associate Creative Director – Art
Lincoln Cairns, Associate Creative Director – Copy
Eric Tanyavutti, Copy Supervisor
Greg Nami, Senior Art Director
Tristen George, Group Creative Director
Joshua Shehab, Creative Director, Content Strategy
Richard How, Creative Director – Art
Tarah Sperando, Content Strategy and Writer Supervisor
Sarah Alexander, Interaction Design Supervisor
Laura Bartmess, SVP Account Director
Carrie Hixson, Senior Account Director
Erica Rivera, Senior Director of Engagement Strategy

Client Team:

Nicole McInerney Rich, Director, Coagulation Marketing
Beth Hirst, Senior Product Manager


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