PM360 Greatest Creators 2017

PM360’s annual Greatest Creators supplement is the issue by creators for creators. The issue focuses on the best creative the industry has the offer as well as the ways to achieve and inspire better creative. As always, there are three avenues in which you can contribute, including the annual Greatest Creators Showcase, the Cover Art Competition, and the opportunity to share your thoughts on Best Use of New Creative Channels. Read on for more information on each opportunity:


We want the best work you did over the past year (anything from approximately Jan. 2016 to now). Send us your stand-out ads and killer campaigns, something that moved way outside the clichéd box to solve a difficult problem and made it look easy. We need a high-quality image (300 dpi at full size— approx. 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″ (does not have to meet those specs exactly)—in TIFF, PDF, or JPEG) that represents the final ad or campaign (print, video, or digital), and a 100- to 200-word summary that outlines the product, the client, the campaign name, and the creative process behind the campaign as well as its impact. Please be sure to include your name, contact information, and the names of the folks who deserve the credit for the campaign (along with each of their titles), and send it to with “GreatestCreators Showcase” in the subject line.


We also want to highlight the amazing artistic talent of the people working in our industry. Send us a stellar image of your outstanding original artwork—not something that was used in a campaign but something you created for yourself. It can be a painting, sculpture, photography, or some media we’ve never even heard of. Our favorite submission will serve as the cover to our supplement. Send your cover submissions to Please include “Greatest Creators Cover” in the subject line. We’ll need a high-resolution TIFF, PDF, or JPEG—300 dpi and 8×10 inches for the final image, but you can send smaller files for initial consideration. (See last year’s winner below.)

Best Use of New Channels:

The creative canvas keeps expanding. No longer are marketers limited to print campaigns, TV ads, or even websites. Virtual and Augmented Reality are emerging channels allowing marketers to do new things. Even new AI assistants and the Internet of Things offer new intriguing possibilities. Messaging apps, such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, continue to grow in popularity and marketers always like to go where their audience is. Plus, marketers continue to find new ways to enhance the mobile or social experience. What campaign, initiative, or project using a new channel wowed you? Don’t limit yourself to just healthcare campaigns. We just want to hear about the best uses of new channels now at the creatives’ fingertips. Tell us what impressed you about it and what healthcare marketers can learn from it. Or tell us about an idea for how marketers can best use these new channels that you haven’t seen yet. Keep your responses under 300 words and send them to with “New Channels” in the subject line.

Submissions for all three are due by February 10, 2017. Send any questions about any of the three opportunities to


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