PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Sales Aid Silver Winner Harmony Biosciences and Synchrony Healthcare Communications

WAKIX® Core Visual Aid: Where Science and Patient Centricity Meet (Harmony Biosciences and Synchrony Healthcare Communications)

Harmony Biosciences recognized the critical need to continue educating healthcare professionals (HCPs) as part of their ongoing educational and promotional efforts supporting WAKIX (pitolisant).

They tasked Synchrony Healthcare Communications to develop a core visual aid (CVA) to educate target audiences on disease state, and WAKIX mechanism of action (MOA), efficacy, safety, dosing, and important patient expectations, while additionally leveraging the brand’s creative campaign of “Break Through to New Possibilities” and campaign core visuals.

Harmony sales reps continue to report positive feedback after using the WAKIX CVA, stating that HCPs find value in learning more about the product’s MOA and clinical data to further understand how WAKIX could work for their patients.


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