PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Professional Campaign Gold Winner Azurity Pharmaceuticals and CrowdPharm

Medication Transformed (Azurity Pharmaceuticals and CrowdPharm)

In the U.S., one in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point during their lifetime, and approximately 39 million currently suffer from migraine.

Currently, treatments for these conditions are commonly available only in capsule/pill form. If a patient may prefer a liquid alternative, healthcare providers must suggest workarounds—crushing, dissolving, or obtaining a liquid formulation through a compounding pharmacy. However, compounded drugs are not FDA approved.

To reach neurologists, pediatric neurologists, nurse practitioners, and epileptologists who believe a more tailored approach could benefit their patients, CrowdPharm helped Azurity’s EprontiaTM (topiramate) by communicating that the liquid formulation may offer a way to provide this tailored approach they need by encompassing consistency, dosing customization, reliability, and convenient administration.

In developing the branded campaign, the team focused on an existing molecule that is proven in its class for epilepsy and migraine. They visually showed the transformation from a solid dose to a ready-to-use liquid. Campaign collateral included the website, banner ads, and direct mail. During market research, both physicians and patients connected emotionally to a butterfly breaking free from the cocoon “pill.” Not only was the butterfly stunning, but the essence and beauty behind the transformation into an easy-to-take, visually appealing formulation provided inspirational stopping power.

“Medication Transformed” signals the potential impact of this medication on patients’ lives and the transformative nature of this new approach. Eprontia’s ready-to-use liquid formulation provides a therapy that addresses a significant unmet medical need for patients, caregivers, and the HCPs who treat them. Please see Important Safety Information for Eprontia at


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