PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Gastrointestinal Brand Champion Chris Quesenberry

Chris Quesenberry, Chief Commercial Officer, Evoke Pharma

Gastroparesis is uncommon. Out of 100,000 people, about 10 men and 40 women will have the debilitating condition, a result of the stomach not emptying properly. This drastically alters daily lives of patients, who experience persistent nausea, vomiting, and other painful symptoms. Many patients get referred among providers without a definitive diagnosis, which takes an average of five years to obtain. Patients are often told “it’s your fault,” “it’s all in your head,” “there’s nothing wrong.” For 40+ years, their primary treatment option has been oral medications, which either come back up or may not be properly absorbed. In 2020, Evoke Pharma launched Gimoti, a novel nasal treatment, with Chris Quesenberry leading the commercialization efforts.

Chris worked with EVERSANA on its first “COMPLETE Commercialization” partnership. Under this model, EVERSANA is an extension of a pharma company, providing services across the entire spectrum of commercialization. Together, they worked to enable the sales force with virtual tools to ensure success, (e.g., training on video engagement and digital sales aids). When Chris realized there was surplus of Gimoti units, he developed a new sampling approach which led to increases in HCP and patient trial. Chris also championed telemedicine as an option to support patients with diabetic gastroparesis gaining access to Gimoti. Additionally, Chris campaigned for a patient community so that patients could educate themselves and obtain resources to advocate for improved treatment.

In less than two years since FDA approval, Gimoti is gaining traction with HCPs and patients, creating a 46% increase in prescriptions and a 23% increase in prescribers in the fourth quarter over third quarter 2021.


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