PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards App/Digital Solution or Suite Silver Winner Allergan Medical Institute and MedTrix Healthcare LLC

AMI facial anatomy app (Allergan Medical Institute and MedTrix Healthcare LLC)

Expertise in facial anatomy is critical for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other providers who use dermal fillers. The best way to learn is cadaver dissection, but access to and supply of cadavers make training elusive and expensive.

Allergan Medical Institute sought to create a realistic digital model—complete with real tissue textures and proper elevations and anatomical contours. Their partner, MedTrix, explored advanced technologies—including photogrammetry—for image processing to create an accurate virtual dissection experience.

3D modeling artists used photogrammetry to capture dissection procedures while gaming experts created graphic elements to build a new design experience. The Unity platform integrated the 3D model with high-resolution image textures. It became the backbone of a user-friendly education app for tablets and smartphones.

The application is currently available in 30 countries. It provides exciting opportunities to reach thousands of HCPs, and to date, has saved 55% over traditional training methods.


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