PM360 2022 Innovative Strategy Corporate Branded TikTok from Amgen & imre Health

Corporate Branded TikTok

Amgen & imre Health

Contact Person:
Danielle Ernest, Corporate Affairs, Senior Manager, Social Media & Emerging Platforms Strategy, Amgen

TikTok content using the hashtag #biotech has amassed 76M views to date, demonstrating an active presence around the topic and a demand for niche scientific communities. While some biotech and pharma companies have tested TikTok on a brand level, none have a corporate brand presence. That is until 2022 when Amgen set out to establish a presence on TikTok to showcase itself as a cool, cutting-edge, and world-leading biotech company.

Amgen identified three key objectives for TikTok: building awareness of Amgen’s depth of experience in biotech and purpose-driven initiatives, creating excitement among internal stakeholders for doing work that is both innovative and impactful, and garnering attention from potential talent.

In June 2022, Amgen launched its first TikTok, detailing Amgen’s founding and growth to date. Dubbed “Storybook,”  the video introduced a fun, animated character named Bea, short for Beaker, who guides viewers through The Amgen Story, a book about Amgen’s history. Bea has gone on to become an unofficial mascot for Amgen and will appear in future TikToks. Other TikToks range from educational and science-y, including a look at generative biology and the ribbon cutting for Amgen’s new state-of-the-art R&D site in South San Francisco, to trendy and fun, like “Day in the Life”  which gives an inside look at a resident scientist’s workday.

Since its launch, Amgen’s TikTok account has garnered ~19k views and 700+ followers, all through organic reach. With 13 published TikToks, the company is seeing a high engagement rate (6.9%) compared to average brand accounts (4.1%). Amgen will continue building its TikTok presence in 2023 using learnings from the first six months to ensure future content resonates with audiences.


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