PM360 2022 Innovative Service Discontinuation Report from Amplity Health

Discontinuation Report

Amplity Health

Contact Person:
Joe Turner, Head of Insights

In January 2022, Amplity Health introduced a unique solution to address a long-standing question facing brand managers: What are the reasons patients discontinue therapy with my brand?

The Discontinuation Report assists marketers in understanding the WHY behind treatment decisions while remaining HIPAA compliant, identifying and prioritizing providers based on patient population and treatment patterns, monitoring patient and provider activity over time, and designing personalized educational interventions.

While structured data sets from electronic medical record (EMR) or claims systems provide some analytical value, they leave large gaps related to patient characteristics and treatment decisions. But Amplity Insights—a division of Amplity Health—offers the only database containing full-text transcripts of dictated physician notes for physician-patient encounters, providing a direct view into the treatment of patients and the rationale of providers. The data set covers the U.S. and includes more than 150,000 individual multispecialty HCPs and 50 million patient records—and Amplity Insights adds two million new records every month.

Amplity Insights uses natural language processing (NLP), text mining, and other AI techniques to extract specific, relevant information. This provides a clear on-the-ground view of patient care, offering insight into symptoms, genomic data, biomarkers, reasons for treatment pattern (start, continue, discontinue, switch), and more.

In one real-life example, adverse events were identified as the leading reason among others such as cost, patient preference, and efficacy for discontinuation of a market-leading brand, regardless of prescriber specialty. The Discontinuation Report provided the client with additional detail regarding the exact nature of the adverse events as well as salient verbatim quotes directly from recorded prescriber notes captured as part of normal care which helped them plan their commercial messaging strategy at launch.


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