PM360 2022 Innovative Product Medidata Link from Medidata

Medidata Link


Contact Person:
Paul Oestreicher, External Communications Director

Gaps between what is observed within clinical trials and real-world outcomes create challenges that hinder an organization’s ability to fully understand the long-term safety and therapeutic effectiveness of their treatments.

To address this issue, Medidata, a Dassault Systemes Company, a leading provider of advanced clinical trial technology solutions, launched Medidata Link, the first centralized solution that connects patient-level clinical trial data and real-world data. Powered by Medidata’s Clinical Cloud unified platform—the solution integrates with industry-leading partners that allow customers to generate encrypted, de-identified patient “tokens” based on patients’ personally identifiable information (PII). This grants sponsors a better understanding of patients’ diagnoses and treatments over time—across physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and insurers—while maintaining patient anonymity. The resulting linked data set grants access to evidence generated from a patient’s complete healthcare journey, inside and outside of the trial.

Through the linkage of clinical trial data to real-world data, Medidata future-proofs studies by tracking patient outcomes and insights captured outside the finite trial period, filling gaps for unanticipated questions and lost patient data, even for patients who may drop out. Sponsors can bolster their understanding of patient functionality and activity levels after a trial ends, immediately granting access to real-world data and allowing for earlier, better conversations with payers and providers. Meanwhile, for sites, Medidata Link reduces administrative burden by seamlessly integrating into existing workflows while strengthening safety surveillance activities and patient follow-ups outside of the traditional confines of a clinical trial.

Launched in October 2021, Medidata Link has already demonstrated its ability to enhance trial evidence gathering processes across pre-trial, in-trial, and post-trial phases, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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