PM360 2022 Innovative Product DOL Map from PRECISIONscientia



Contact Person:
Anuraag Sarangi, AVP, HCP Strategy & Insights

HCPs look to thought leaders in specific medical fields for trusted advice and opinions. The continued growth of social and digital communications has ushered in new channels for the exchange of ideas and opinions. And now, these channels have given rise to new voices of influence—Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs).

DOLs are important stakeholders for pharma marketers because of their inherent ability to educate and influence broad swaths of HCPs and patient followers through the DOLs’ preferred digital channels. To help pharma marketers identify and gain insights on DOLs in specific therapeutic areas, PRECISIONscientia has developed a powerful, web-based proprietary platform, DOL Map. The platform delivers an intuitive experience that summarizes each DOL’s impact, reach, and relevance to clients’ disease focus. The DOL Map focuses on key components to find the right DOLs for any commercial brand or product in development: relevance, reach and audience engagement, impact on audience, and authenticity.

DOL Map aids in creating a data-driven strategy, the means to listen to and engage DOLs, and a measurable assessment of the impact of engagements to accelerate brand awareness. In one case study, a client sought to assess clinician awareness on digital platforms of an ultra-rare disease to better support patient identification efforts. The project resulted in 50 DOLs identified and profiled, analysis of 5,000+ discussions involving these DOLs over the past five years, and real-time data collected to measure the amplification of client’s recent clinical data readout which uncovered five new conversations about the research reaching 10,000+ followers within two days. With the PRECISIONscientia DOL Map, clients achieve their strategic goals of assessing online awareness and driving effective engagements with DOLs.


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