PM360 2022 Innovative Product Audience Marketplace from DeepIntent

Audience Marketplace


Contact Person:
Jen Werther, Chief Strategy Officer

We all know that data is crucial to a campaign’s success and can come from a variety of sources. This inspired DeepIntent to build Audience Marketplace, the first and only diverse, premium healthcare HCP and patient data marketplace with increased audience availability and scale. Through DeepIntent’s Audience Marketplace, marketers have access to hundreds of HIPAA and NAI-compliant HCP and patient audience segments curated by leading health data providers and publishers.

With access to both custom and ready-to-use audiences, marketers can use Audience Marketplace to explore the HCP and patient audiences they need—and even onboard their existing third-party segments. One of the reasons Audience Marketplace is so innovative is because of DeepIntent’s industry-leading identity graph, which enables audiences to be onboarded with better cookieless match rates and reach compared to third-party platforms. A year after its launch, Audience Marketplace remains the industry’s only healthcare-specific data marketplace with ready-to-activate and custom audience segments powered by a variety of medical and pharmacy claims, lab, contextual, and wellness data providers.

Audience Marketplace users benefit from greater convenience, faster time-to-activation, and improved data integrity and reporting compared with conventional methods, which require the use of costly and time-consuming third-party platforms. Segments within Audience Marketplace are also matched with DeepIntent’s industry-leading identity graph to prepare advertisers for the cookieless future, and provide daily provider-level data reporting for HCP audiences.

The results speak for themselves. Based on averages of verified campaign data, Audience Marketplace is proven to achieve nearly 200% higher verified patient reach and over 100% better audience quality vs. a leading third-party onboarding platform.


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