PM360 2022 Innovative Company Confideo Labs

Confideo Labs

Contact Person:
Mike Marett, Founder

Confideo Labs is the leading provider of immersive healthcare media. The company designs, develops, and deploys virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality tactics and strategies that transform how healthcare stakeholders learn about products and conditions.

Confideo Labs has produced hundreds of immersive multimedia programs for leading brands and agencies, transcending a broad range of multimedia styles and formats (i.e., interactive digital, 3D animation, 180/360-degree video, volumetric video, etc.). The company offers a comprehensive suite of proprietary turnkey services including strategy, planning, design, development, animation, videography, fulfillment, and advanced analytics.

Confideo Labs is frequently tapped by leading pharmaceutical brands to create dynamic, interactive immersive engagement experiences that evoke empathy to bolster the retention of core medical and scientific content. As an example, the team has utilized volumetric video capture to create 3D holographic patient and KOL vignettes, deployed via augmented reality. The results of these campaigns have consistently been explosive, each producing the illusion that the holographic patient or clinician is standing and speaking in the room. The augmented reality vignettes are often paired with digital animation, anatomical visualizations, and interactive charts and graphs, all paired with holographic performances and designed to connect with HCPs like never before.

Further, Confideo Labs constantly advocates amortizing complex immersive multimedia programs, so they frequently reconfigure projects for use across multiple remote, non-personal, and web channels via HD video derivatives and/or interactive 3D WebGL integrations.

With the appetite for experiential and immersive education programs at an all-time high, Confideo Labs remains well-positioned to elevate critical content delivery through advanced technology platforms, immersive media, and innovative production techniques.


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